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In Space EA Decides Who Screams

EA has shut down Visceral studios. With a horrific level of studio genocide, EA has been systematically buying up developer studios only to shut them down a few years later the body count has risen again as… 312 more words

Battlefield 1: Why It's the Best Multiplayer To Play With Friends

Okay, the title will start some controversy. It’s true that everyone has their favorite game but some shine through with that little bit of extra. Battlefield 1 multiplayer presents a great case as one of the top games to play with your friends. 897 more words


Sound lesson 5: The spotting list

In today’s lesson, we learnt about a thing that some movie makers and game designers do when adding sounds. The spotting list. It is a list were you timestamp where you want the sounds to happen for a clip with what the sound should be. 36 more words


Palmer Luckey’s new defense company Anduril looks interested in AR and VR on the battlefield

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Palmer Luckey’s new defense startup Anduril has aspirations well beyond a high-tech border wall. According to new information on the company’s website and its hires, Anduril intends to apply its virtual reality pedigree to “real-time battlefield awareness for soldiers,” among other defense-centric specialties. 955 more words


The Death of Visceral

Here we are again. EA has killed yet another of its studios, as it so often loves to do, with the victim this time being Visceral, the studio behind popular survival horror series Dead Space, as well as the somewhat less popular Battlefield Hardline spin-off. 790 more words

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Rant: Don't put gimmicky features in bf2018

Ya know the thing that looks really good in the trailer but makes for awful gameplay. In bf4 it was levolution and commander mode and in bf1 it was the behemoths and elite classes. 57 more words


Anybody else OCD about iron sight magnification?

I keep it strictly at 1.25 for all irons. The fact that you can adjust iron sight magnification at all to me is completely unnecessary and arbitrarily bothersome. 74 more words