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The Golden Changs 2012

Obviously, now we’ve passed our third year, and I’ve done the roundup of things we’ve been up to, it’s also time to announce the nomination process for the Golden Changs is open. 600 more words

Don Murphy Is A Fat Cunt

Battle Los Angeles

Battle Los Angeles (2011)

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman

Starring Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez

We have had a lot of aliens invading earth films and this is nothing new. 216 more words


Battle: Los Angeles (2011) Review

This is one of those movies that comes with preconceived opinions, not because of any personal biases against actors or filmmakers by me, but because of the overwhelmingly negative reviews that accompanied its release. 1,142 more words


Terrance Malick's The Tree of Life [updated]


When “Battle: LA” was released in early March I realized there were more movies coming out this year that I actually want to see than any other year in recent memory. 752 more words


Battle: Hope

One of the easiest ways for someone to see culture captured in a microcosm is for one to make their way down to the local theater and catch a movie. 338 more words


So much for spring/ Battle:LA

After a couple of days of beautiful spring weather, it started snowing this morning…

I had quite a commute today. I was carrying an umbrella, a cup of coffee, a huge bag and of course my camera…so you can imagine how difficult it was to pull out my Metro card at the turnstile. 299 more words

Reviewer Roulette

For reasons yet to become clear to me, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Battle: Los Angeles this week. Not because I’m hoping it’ll be the next Citizen Kane, or even the next Independence Day. 587 more words