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World of Warships - Screenshots of All German Battleships

Hello everyone,

I got access to the public test and if you do too, you might have noticed that you can see the German Battleships are available to preview in the Tech Tree. 59 more words

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Let Dan Harris teach you about Ard Ri

Today’s guest lecturer at Manifesto University is Dan Harris, who is here to introduce his latest model and teach us a little bit about the ancient board game of… 1,157 more words

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What Marines Packed For Deployment WWII

So I got a question today from one of the readers of the blog (thanks for following & supporting) she wanted to know what Marines packed for deployment during world war II. 105 more words

Dunkerque Premium French Battleship Tier VI

Wargaming just released some images from the Tier VI Premium French Battleship Dunkerque.

Dunkerque Stats:


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World of Warships - Großer Kurfürst Tier X

Hey guys,

Some screenshots from the Großer Kurfürst (H41) German Tier X Battleship have showed up and it’s stats were also published.

Großer Kurfürst Stats: 70 more words

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Why are we celebrating the world's largest underwater restaurant?

In this story, RealClearPolitics describes  the opening of the world’s largest underwater restaurant in the Maldives.  Sure, it’s a cool concept.    But…

The Maldives are beautiful, sunwashed islands.   405 more words