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Sinking, sinking, sinking.
Just like the battleship
shooting against our weak, weak, weak hearts.

Everything I held dear
disappearing right here.
In this moment,
I see your face… 48 more words

Willow Howl

Alien Movie Makers - Why?

This post is in response to the fact I watched Battleship last night for the second time and the movie annoys me, for reasons I will highlight below. 1,867 more words


Skyline (2010)


A group of party friends hide out in an LA apartment while aliens come with big ships and bright lights to harvest humans.

This is a familiar combination of good special effects and really mediocre filmmaking. 545 more words


Recreating My Childhood, One Board Game At a Time

I’ve been recreating my childhood one board game at a time. Or actually, not my whole entire childhood. Were I to try to recreate my whole entire childhood I’d need frozen TV dinners, 24-hour-a-day television, SPF 6 Coppertone sunscreen applied once a day (but only at the beach), canned vegetables, iceberg lettuce, and Wonder Bread. 1,009 more words

The Children

Great Day Out

In an effort to make the most of our last days with a London base, Mr Southworth and I headed out to make use of the amazing… 537 more words

Battleships are Hard

I earned enough experience with my Cleveland class cruiser last Saturday to research the Pensacola class cruiser, but I was about a million and a half credits short of being able to purchase one. 1,432 more words

World Of Warships