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Who dis? New blog.

How do undergraduate psychology majors fare?

Phhhffft! I have no clue where apa is getting their figures from but its certainly not my W-2.

/u/DicedPeppers on Reddit summed up my feelings about growing up a couple of days ago in the comment sections of a r/Showerthoughts post. 247 more words

Makeup Organization

I’ve known for a while that I’ve had a problem, but recently I’ve been struggling to really figure out what I’m doing with my makeup collection. 379 more words


Quick Guide to PC Couch Gaming with a Controller!

Convert your setup to game on your PC like a console, only better!

note: this is a quick guide on setting up your PC for couch gaming mostly… 1,470 more words

2017 Battlestation

About 6 months ago I started a project to miniaturize my gaming PC. At that time, the goals were to reduce the footprint, improve the noise level, improve the overall performance level and thermals. 1,587 more words