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On standing and treadmills.

About a year and a half ago I stumbled upon the idea of a standing desk and was intrigued. Shortly after I decided to try it out by using some empty boxes from beer to elevate my mouse, keyboard, and monitors. 276 more words

Work Environment

An Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk for Under $100

is a 46-year-old computer programmer. He’s been working on his computer for the last 30 years. Computer work can be good for the wallet but it can be bad for our health, particularly the neck and back. 298 more words

Misc Hacks

Hanging Monitors Keeps Your Desk Slightly Less Messy

– like just about everyone reading this, I’m sure – has a messy desk with monitors, keyboards, mice, several other input devices, tablets, and a laptop. 228 more words

Tool Hacks

Hello World

Sup everyone! I’ve been a nerd since birth, IT(heh) goes without question. I’m also simple in what I need in life. Black is quite simply the most sensible and most basic color that goes with everything. 78 more words


My Battlestation

Re-set up in the downstairs office rather than my bedroom, cant do any work when you are in bed. -_-

My Gaming Set Up

So i have had a new set up for a while now and its kind of one of those things i have always aimed towards since i really got into gaming again. 121 more words