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Purvo 7 News for 18/5/3050

Purvo 7 News For 18/5/3050

The Voice of the Chancellor. From Sian to the Fringe of Capellan Space.


Drastic Measures Taken to Return Company to Fighting Strength…

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Purvo 7 News For 11/5/3050

Purvo 7 News for 11/5/3050

Ahead of League Matches, Gatekeepers Skirmishing Like Champs

MAY,  3050 — Ahead of the coming MRBC season, the Gatekeepers’ battalion is intensifying practice to perfect their deadly craft. 706 more words

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Finding Dragon Eggs

So by now, you know that the slog-formerly-known-as-a-Handbook project is now officially out. (As in, currently can be bought as a PDF and soon-to-be hitting store shelves in print form.) Yes, it’s true. 570 more words


Purvo 7 News For 4/5/3050

Decoration Ceremony To Commence in Vientiane
MAY,  3050 — In recent weeks the Zhong Shao has been required to make many cuts to the Gatekeepers Battalion, and on a handful of occasions  by cutting the head of the Gatekeepers. 531 more words

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Purvo 7 News for 27/4/3050

The Rocky Road To Battalion Perks


MONDAY, APRIL 27th 3050 — In the recent weeks, there has been much scuttlebutt pointing to the Battalion “Perks” program. 685 more words

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Battletech - A Game of Armored Combat

So, as I was drifting off to sleep last night I realized I had failed at writing a blog yesterday.  So I thought to myself, what game should I write about?  642 more words


Purvo 7 News For 4/20/3050

Gatekeepers Resume Isolationist Actions On Purvo

APRIL 3050 — To better prepare competition units for the upcoming tournament season, the House Liao Gatekeepers resumed their policy of isolation from the Inner Sphere. 977 more words

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