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Progress on my new BattleTech novel

I started two weeks ago on a NEW BattleTech novel and it is starting to gain momentum.  It hit the 16k word count out of at least 90k for the entire book.   1,007 more words


Making failure fun

Most of the time we play games to “beat” or to “conquer” them. It’s a battle between what ever traps and contraptions the game designer put in and player’s skills. 1,780 more words

Battletech Case Mod Displays Awesome Woodwork, Hides Hacks

has been working on a computer case styled to look like the Vulture mech from Battletech. We’re not sure if his serious faced cat approves or not, but we do. 168 more words


Information is Ammunition!

So, not much painting progress for a while… But I have been doing some in the background! I love Battletech, and loved the animated series, so I’ve started painting some mech’s based on the schemes in that show, and in the action figure line. 170 more words


Battletech Introductory Demo

Bruce Ford will be hosting a Battletech Introductory Demo event at The Sentry Box on Sunday May 29th starting at 2pm.

Militia Cadets on the Periphery are about to get their first taste of being in the cockpit of a BattleMech. 58 more words


It has never been a better time to be a geek

It hit me last night as I watched Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley, that this is the best time in mankind’s history for geeks.  Those of us dubbed nerds or dorks in high school have had to wait almost five decades for us to be the cool kids.   484 more words


The Origins of REDLINE

As a teenager, me and my friends grew up on Battletech.

I first learned the game when a bunch of kids at my school talked about meeting up at a friend’s house to get a game going. 529 more words