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2017-04-10 - More crunchy goodness! Violinist of Hameln, Gamestop and Battletech...

Quick little Monday update.

First off is I was able to put more Violinist of Hameln anime episodes up for this coming week. The second episode in the series begins doing the opening and ending theme music I believe, so there’s that awesomeness. 161 more words

Crowd funding may not be the future but it's the best solution for small projects

          Crowdfunding is something I’m indifferent to really. I may think it’s stupid to pump more money into projects that certainly will never meet anyone’s expectation at this point (*Cough* Star Citizen *Cough*), but to each their own. 405 more words


BattleTech April Fool's Day - Operation Total Freakin’ Awesomeness

Every two weeks or so someone asks me to read their fan fiction.  I always decline.  I used to read fan fiction but I found that most of it was beyond redemption and some made my stomach queasy.  3,939 more words

Sci Fi - Alternate History

2017-03-31 - The Hurps and Derps of March. Also Crusher Joe anime.

Some of you know I put the Crusher Joe OVAs on my you tube channel. If you haven’t seen them, check them out as they are pretty neat even for being as old as they are. 258 more words

Rise of the Battlemechs - #Robotics, #Battletech, #JeffBezos

Can’t wait to strap a PPC and maybe a autocannon or 2 to it – Jeff Bezos looks a little too happy piloting a giant mechanical robot –  http://bit.ly/2n666BV

Dominus Rising

A Darker Vision

Back after I’d completed work on Starterbook: Wolf and Blake, I had several brainstorm chats with then-line developer Herb. We fleshed out a lot of the ‘hidden’ actions of certain characters within the Word of Blake’s Manei Domini faction, especially that of my (at the time) newly created Opacus Venatori and their multi-layered leader, Berith. 1,351 more words


Some questions from some BattleTech fans...

Well these came in via Facebook so I thought I’d blog the answers out, in case others were interested.

Question:  A.  What kind of prompts and story elements were you given, if any, as touchstones for the novels? 915 more words