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The Unbroken Blade #23 (Dan)

A siren wailed.

Outside the repair bay, vehicles whined and anchors thundered.

“What is it?” Dan asked.

Patalla Irtrinin, a Warsister and the best anchor mechanic on the entire base according to every goldhair Dan had asked, tilted her head and cocked an ear, her blue-tipped ponytail swinging as she did. 2,792 more words


The Unbroken Blade #21.5

“The development of mobile, accurate, powerful laser weaponry effectively put an end to suborbital airpower as a consideration in the conflicts between the Empire and the Irtrallan Hegemony. 300 more words


The Unbroken Blade #21 (Orlin)

The world looked better after a full night’s sleep. Midday naps just didn’t cut it.

Orlin stepped onto the balcony of his room into the warm summer air of the Capital lowlands and looked out at the Imperial City. 1,145 more words


The Unbroken Blade #20 (Rixken)

Please Kai, no more. Just let me sleep.

Rixken stepped into the hall and shut the door behind him, leaving Aysha in the room that was supposed to be his. 2,595 more words


The Unbroken Blade #15 (Rixken)

Cannonfire lessened. Became more distant.

Then stopped.

The battlefield was quiet, and the only Imperial forces that remained were those too wounded to flee.

Rixken came out of cover to the sound of the mercenaries cheering over the comm network. 3,799 more words


The Unbroken Blade #14 (Aysha)

Too easy.

Aysha’s sisters rolled over the stumbling Imperials like stormsurge. The first base fell in minutes. The second held up for half-an-hour, but collapsed when Aysha sent Commander Chellris’ hoptanks around to a flanking ridgeline to shoot out their command team, after which the Warsisters washed them away in detail. 3,572 more words


Interview: Jason Hardy

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity a few weeks ago to conduct a brief Q&A with Catalyst Game Labs’ Jason Hardy. Considering his many roles as writer, editor, and… 2,074 more words

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