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Battletech - The Game Heading To Kickstarter This Fall

More news incoming from the crazy dudes over at Harebrained Schemes. If it would not have been enough for them to practically resurrect Shadowrun as a video game franchise, now they teamed up with Jordan Weisman, to rejuvenate the friggin` Battletech Universe on PC. 151 more words

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What Was Before Is Not What Was to Come

I was cleaning through some of my older project files and stumbled over my Wars of Reaving material. It’s been four years since the Origins Award-winning book was published… 295 more words


Gatekeepers F;eet Bulletin Special Report

Fleet Bulletin

Special Report


Gatekeepers Go Live!l

THURSDAY, AUGUST 6TH, 3052 — From somewhere in deep space, beyond the Chaos March, the Gatekeepers fleet sent out a new Hyperpulse transmission throughout the HPG network. 204 more words


Working on a BattleTech Novel Concept

There is a lot I wish I could tell you fans about, but I am bound by legal agreement to not discuss the details.  Suffice it to say that I have wanted to write BattleTech novels for a long time but there have been some legal issues that had to get resolved. 954 more words


Gen Con 2015 Battle Damage Assessment

It is that time again; time to recap Gen Con 2015 for the folks that attended and those that didn’t.  Overall, I had more fun at this Gen Con than any other, (with the exception of one in 2010 when there was an “incident” around my Clan Wolverine interpretations during a BattleTech seminar). 1,139 more words


For the Archive: Solaris Stable Tag Match (Battletech)

I was reminded of an old game mode I used to run years ago by a stray comment in /btg/ – Anon wanted to know what BV levels we preferred, and it came back in a flash. 1,192 more words


Gatekeepers Fleet Bulletin for 3/8/3052

Fleet Bulletin  for 3/8/3052


Evidence Found In Wreckage of Xinlai de’s Crew Decks

WEDNESDAY, JULY 29TH, 3052 — Repair crewmen today worked for hours on end to clear up wreckage from last week’s secondary explosion on the Gatekeepers JumpShip Xinlai de.

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