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The Unbroken Blade #3 (Dan)

Kai, that’s a monster.

Tegar Daneth KarLagren, current commander of HarRukora’s Bluesky Kerchaxes, stared at the town buried in the megaforest below the cliff while running a finger over the platinum and sapphire ring on the third finger of his right hand. 1,981 more words


Battletech - Mad Cat Mk II

Since I’m doing a lot of historical and fantasy stuff lately, it is time for some science fiction. Keeping that in mind I’m going back to a real classic game. 294 more words


Big Stompy Mech Battle - 23JUL2016

I have been fascinated by large, dangerous AFVs ever since I played OGRE and read the Bolo series. Of course a 28mm OGRE battle is probably too large for even me to contemplate (although a do have a platoon of the OGRE Macroture GEVs just in case); however, 28mm Battle Mechs are fully doable. 322 more words


Day 31

I’ve finished the inking and it still looks like a chicken. But that’s ok, I can live with that. I also preferred to take a picture instead of scanning and adjusting it (I really need to learn how to edit images).

See you tomorrow.


Proposing Future War: SCOUR and SCYTHE

Roughly five years ago, and two years after pushing out the Masters and Minions compilation and sorting out material for Jihad Hot Spots: Terra, a random email conversation with a fellow contractor spawned an idea. 196 more words


The Unbroken Blade #1 (Orlin)

Twenty years later…

With one last cry of anguish it was done, and innocence was ruined.

After a few minutes to recover, Orlin ArdAnkadia left the serving girl crying on his bed. 961 more words


The Unbroken Blade #0

Small. So small.

Danny always felt like this, sitting in a cockpit meant to fit tight around an adult at least a foot taller than him. 3,263 more words