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I'm baaack...starting over

*stumbles in, waving dust and cobwebs out of the way*

Dear World,
So it’s been ages since I’ve written because it’s also been ages since I’ve done anything. 1,216 more words

Body Building

warm up, yeah!

Last night after I’d had dinner and an evening snack I still felt hungry. I said to myself ‘why am I so freakin’ tired and hungry?’. 330 more words


keeping on

Dear World,
It was a busy weekend and already a busy week but I’m on track with my routine :) Here’s what I’ve been up to: 292 more words


on cardio and douches at the gym

Dear World,
I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere. I’m seeing the results I needed to see to motivate me. If only I’d started like this a month and a half ago! 944 more words



Not so much more I can do now about the organization of stage 3 this weekend, so I can relax a bit and even manage to train a bit. 64 more words


15/15 circuit *60 = 30 min
A1 Battling ropes
A2 Dand
A3 Mace 360
A4 Bethak

Training For Kettlebell Marathon


circuit 15 sec work/ 15 sec rest *45
battling ropes
mace swing 10-2
push ups

Training For Kettlebell Marathon