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Threesome at Pharside (A tale of 3 foxes)

On a cold winter night, I was walking around Pharside Dam as I wanted to just check in on Escobar (one of our habituated males) in the area. 537 more words

Bat-eared Foxes

The Party Crasher

This little friend showed up during the party last night. He flew around the dinner table a couple of times and then landed on the hat shelf. Totally batty.


live with me forever now

She’ll wait an eternity for Benjamin Gray to wake up, but Tatiana hopes with all her heart that she won’t have to. 2,135 more words


we rattle this scene

“We need your help. The dinosaur in quadrant C has just escaped.”

He furrowed his eyebrows over his unfairly blue eyes. “The huge dinosaur?”

“That’s the one, yes.” 1,884 more words


It is my first field night in the Kalahari, and I feel like I am wearing every piece of clothing I brought with me. My body is nice and warm except for my fingers and toes. 430 more words

Bat-eared Fox

Rome and the Nomads by Roger Batty

May 29, 2015

 Just discovered and started reading Rome and the Nomads: The Pontic-Danubian Realm in Antiquity by Roger Batty (Oxford, 2007) and am just in love with this book. 317 more words


a kiss with a fist

“Next time you try to be a hero, just don’t, alright?” 1,002 more words