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Heavy Heat in May

Well, to be fair we’ve felt so much worse. Today the air is just pressing today.

I woke up too late to deal with my financial aid. 508 more words

Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 13: The Proof of Happiness

In this episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, a barbecue, four-leaf clovers and the return of a particular teacher. Let’s just dive straight in. 558 more words

Magical Girl

Are Bats Driving You Batty?

It was at this time of year when the animals come out, and sometimes going crazy owners. As nature wakes up, he begins to invade the spaces for a number of reasons. 392 more words

Are Bats Driving You Batty?

Moping About the Madness

This morning I’m feeling paralyzed. I need to write about cowboys in 1946, and my mind is stuck in the present. I’ve tried sticking planks under the tires. 431 more words


Big data, smart cities and city planning. An abstract.

Smart cities emphasize a deeper understanding of how urban systems function in the short term. Previously, analyses were mostly focused on long term objectives as data sets took years to gather. 108 more words

Fashion Advice from T-Rex

The other day I was sitting in a doctors office surrounding by magazines screaming about the necessity to have perfect hair, give him more orgasms, and of course how to dress yourself.   701 more words