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meanwhile our fever is running (superhero au part 2)

“This,” he explains patiently, “Is to stop superhero discrimination. It doesn’t make sense for the Act to still exist – it’s been almost twenty years, and nothing has been solved. 5,104 more words

giants think the world is theirs (superhero au part one)

He didn’t regret any of his decisions either in being a hero or a father, but he sometimes wished the world had been a little different, so that his children could grow up enjoying their powers instead of hiding and stifling them. 4,688 more words

Kryptonia's Blog Post - Neomenia

I am wearing Neomenia – Batty Dress

It is an original mesh and compatible with Maitreya (experimental), SLink Physique & Hourglass and TMP Mesh Bodies… 9 more words


(gs) ...enjoying summer 12 (August)

…enjoying summer 12

driving me batty
the nutgrass is… growing at
a different rate


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poa typical lawn grasses

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all that is gold is rusting (part one)

She struggled to keep balance in the face of this unforeseen complication, but she was suddenly hit by the staggering reality that they could be hosts not just to friends and family soon, but to death as well. 7,889 more words

this side of mortality (part four)

He felt older than his nineteen years, suddenly, but he was home now, and all the armor he’d put on was beginning to strip away. She was right. 8,578 more words

this side of mortality (part three)

It was a truth of war that they never mentioned along with so many others for fear that voicing it aloud would make it real. They knew death like the back of their hands but putting it to words gave it power and allowed fear to settle over their hearts. 9,259 more words