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Prompt 23: What's one way you might become eccentric in your old age? How might you go in another (but equally batty) direction?

As we grow old we all evolve based on our based on our past experiences. One persons eccentricity could be another person’s normal.

A few before she passed away when she was in here early nineties my grandmother told me she was too old to change. 393 more words


bury their paws in the stone

For all their training in dueling, the years of previous wartime, this war was different. One side had the distinct advantage of finality to their condition, while the other was forced to run and run until they eventually succumbed to the illness as well or died trying to avoid it. 3,798 more words


the courage of stars

“How could you leave me to do the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do all on my own when you told me that you’d follow me anywhere, that you’d never leave me?” 5,483 more words


Bangladesh v England: Gareth Batty and Zafar Ansari in tour squad

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Gareth Batty and Zafar Ansari hope a blend of youth and experience will aid England

Surrey duo Gareth Batty and Zafar Ansari hope a blend of youth and experience will aid England in Bangladesh… 10 more words

Letting the side down

Despite being a supporter and previously a member of Surrey Cricket Club, I rarely watch my team. I watched a 20/20 against Glamorgan and yesterday I went to the 50 over final at Lords where a close result  was expected against Warwickshire. 633 more words


What It’s Really Like to be an Olympic Mountain Biker

Written for FLARE‘s 9-5 series. Also live Snapchatted from the set of the photoshoot.

What drew you into the world of competitive mountain biking?

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