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New Route to Batu Caves, Malaysia

In 2014, I had visited Batu Caves. At that moment I went from KL Sentral to Batu Caves used Seremban Line Commuter Train with ticket fare 2 Ringgit. 535 more words


Cheap Hotel Nearest to KL Sentral, Malaysia

When Airport Coach arrived in KL Sentral at 10:03. My first destination was Batu Caves. But to lighten my backpack, I would leave my bacpak at hotel although it wasn’t time to checked in and I would only bring folding bags that I filled with drinking bottle, wallet, passport, mobile phone and camera. 318 more words


7 Jam Menikmati Keindahan Kuala Lumpur

Jika bertemu turis Eropa dan Amerika tuh ya bikin ngiler, karena mereka rata-rata memiliki jadwal cuti yang panjang hingga berminggu-minggu bahkan lebih dari sebulan. Nah ketika mereka nanya ke Gw berapa lama lo cuti….yes tepat 12 hari…..sedihhhh….hahaha. 611 more words


36hrs in Malaysia

My visit to Malaysia was a side trip of my Singapore travel. Malaysia is easily accessible by bus, train and plane. I chose the latter part since I found a very good price from a budget airline. 552 more words

Rute Baru Menuju Batu Caves, Malaysia

Pada tahun 2014, Gw pernah mengunjungi Batu Caves. Saat itu Gw bertolak dari KL Sentral menuju Batu Caves menggunakan kereta komuter laluan Seremban dengan tarif tiket masih 2 Ringgit. 513 more words


A Trio Forms/The Next Step - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

They exchanged a minimal amount of text messages in his six weeks of travel. The Californian was 90% sure his fellow Californian friend, Robbie, was waiting for him at the pre-determined hostel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital. 902 more words


Stairway to Batu Heaven - Day 11

Collectively we decided today was one for a slow start having been out the night before and feeling travel weary. With that in mind Clay, Isiah and I met at half 9 in the lobby and went out in search of breakfast. 606 more words