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BroadIgnite Connects Young Philanthropists and Scientists to Further Innovation

Sharmil Modi, an analyst at Baupost Group, a giant hedge fund in Boston, was surprised to learn that some scientists at the Broad Institute, a Cambridge biomedical research center, were having trouble funding their biomedical research. 294 more words


On Market Opinions

This is a segment from the latest Baupost Group Q4 letter:

“…Calling us a hedge fund won’t make us act like one. We won’t usually develop opinions on the most widely owned or shorted equities; such stocks aren’t likely to be a source of opportunity for Baupost. 373 more words


Bubble Watch - We Are In A Bubble - Here's The Evidence

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Tesla Motors.   The big news last week was a multibillion dollar mega battery factory to be built “somewhere in the southwest” by Tesla motors, on still to be borrowed funds.  456 more words

Seth Klarman 2013 Letter To Investors: The Truman Show

Below is an excerpt from the Buapost Group’s 2013 shareholder letter from Seth Klarman. Klarman has recently given back 4 billion to investors due to lack of ideas, 40% of the portfolio being cash, and a “Truman Show” style market where everything is make believe and everyone is pretending. 2,662 more words

Learning Material

Seth Klarman on Investing

Video of Seth Klarman from Baupost Group speaking to MBA students on his path and Baupost Group’s culture