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Chocolate Clouds Torte

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Now available, Chocolate Clouds Torte!

4 layers of chocolate cake; the middle of the torte stuffed with cream puffs filled with chocolate Bavarian cream, and surrounded by creamy soufflé.  67 more words

Bavarian Cream

The image about is something we made in class using bavarian cream. My class the option of doing coffee flavored bavarian cream or orange flavored, my group chose orange. 134 more words

Bavarian Cream

I liked making this very much.  It was really easy to assemble with the layers of chocolate cake and Bavarian cream.  The Bavarian cream consists of crème anglaise which we put coffee in and a basic whipped cream.  39 more words

Bavarian Cream

Crème Bavaroise

Bavarian cream sounds a lot better in french, but it taste amazing either way. We flavored our creamy custard with orange, paired and layered with orange hazelnut/chocolate cake, then topped it off with chantilly. A matched made in heaven.

Classic Pastry

Week 116: Chocolate, hazelnut and passion fruit entremet

One of my favourite food quote, “Les personnes qui vous offrent leur nourriture, vous offrent aussi leur cœur.” by Cesar Chavez, which translates into, “The people who give you their food, give you their hearts”. 730 more words


Posh Pie

I found it amusing to learn that the name came before the concept for this week’s selection from The Baking Bible. As of Saturday morning, I had no real plans for this week’s recipe, so I figured I’d take my time making it, since we didn’t really have much in the way of plans this weekend. 883 more words

The Baking Bible

Chalet Suzanne Inspired Citrus Crepes

After a lack of preparedness at World Food Championships in 2013, I vowed to return in 2014 FULLY prepared with a finals dessert.  I knew the finals round would focus on citrus, and being from Florida, I had lots of ideas, not to mention an ton of resources. 513 more words