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Lemon Blackberry Bavarois

It’s been a grip since I last posted, and I have been itching to get back at it. Work has been grueling and has turned me into a person incapable of resting. 1,584 more words

Sublime Doughnuts

The first Sublime opened about 20 minutes from me near Georgia Tech. I read the reviews and knew I had to go try. They have an amazing assortment.  54 more words

Staycation Atlanta

Week 135: Un hommage Français

No one knows pastries like the French. And while we may have our differences in many aspects (I do have plenty of work interactions with them!), I have always look up to their art of pâtissierie. 229 more words


Recipe: Raspberry Charlotte Cake

I’m kind of obsessed with ice box cakes. There are so many! My family is partial to “Snake Cake” which is just our name for the classic ice box cake made with chocolate wafers and whipped cream. 963 more words


Bavarian Cream

Passion fruit  bavarian cream, honey jelly,  mango jelly coating

For Bavarian cream (recipe from Julia Child’s book but with different flavour)


Chocolate Clouds Torte

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Now available, Chocolate Clouds Torte!

4 layers of chocolate cake; the middle of the torte stuffed with cream puffs filled with chocolate Bavarian cream, and surrounded by creamy soufflé.  67 more words

Bavarian Cream

The image about is something we made in class using bavarian cream. My class the option of doing coffee flavored bavarian cream or orange flavored, my group chose orange. 134 more words