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China's home-grown 4x4: BAW BJ2023

With few exceptions, every country that boasts an automotive industry has developed a Jeep-like off-roader at one point or another. China’s home-grown go-anywhere model was the Beijing Automotive Works (BAW) BJ212, which made its debut in 1965. 280 more words


2017 Brain Awareness Video Contest

If you love crafting video ideas and have a passion for neuroscience, then the Brain Awareness Video Contest is just for you! The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) hosts the video challenge each year for those interested in developing a creative way to explain a brain-related concept. 128 more words

Brain Awareness Week

How to Perceive Without Sight

How is it that we construct our reality? What is it we think we know, and what do we actually know? These are questions that led Columbia University neuroscientist… 555 more words


Dana Press Offers Cerebrum Anthology 2016

It somehow seemed appropriate that this year’s Cerebrum anthology arrived at our offices just in time for the start of Brain Awareness Week (BAW), the global campaign to raise awareness on the progress and benefits of brain research. 311 more words

Brain Awareness Week

Discovering the Art of the Brain

New imaging techniques let scientists and doctors see what is going on inside our brains in better detail than ever before. These images help develop a better understanding of the brain and its disorders, but what if we looked at them as art? 188 more words


BioBase Event for Brain Awareness Week

To kick off Brain Awareness Week, the BioBase center hosted an event on Monday at their new location in Harlem. Children, parents, and teachers turned up to the sun-lit, glass-enclosed space to learn more about neuroscience, and they even had the chance to touch a human brain. 44 more words