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The Global Brain Awareness Week Photo Gallery

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) headquarters may be here in New York, but BAW is very much a global campaign: More than half the events during the week occur outside the United States. 223 more words

Dana Alliance For Brain Initiatives

A More Extraordinary Love

I recently introduced a good friend of mine to one of my all-time favourite movies – Bridget Jones’ Diary. Yes, I’m a sucker for romantic comedies and I make no apology for it! 1,174 more words

Black African Woman

4 Vital Steps in Overcoming People-Pleasing

Hello, my name is Sonia Dube and I’m a recovering people-pleaser.

Ouch. That really stings for me to admit but the truth is the truth. 1,054 more words

Black African Woman

Guest Post: The Single Black African Mother by Mondisi Mabhena

Once upon a time many years ago I sat at my desk in high school envisioning the perfect future.  I saw myself married to a handsome and loving man and mom to five bright eyed and bushy tailed kids.  1,702 more words

Black African Woman

The bAw and Her Sisters

There is a strange phenomenon that has become widely accepted amongst women, and seemingly especially amongst my black sisters (those are who I interact with most anyway). 1,018 more words

Black African Woman



That word tends to evoke an array of reactions from people – never neutral though. Either, they turn quickly away from it because of the amount of effort required to discover it and they really don’t have the time or energy. 1,117 more words

Black African Woman

The bAw and Her Story

Back when I used to watch The Oprah Winfrey Show religiously, something that she said stuck out for me and that was the fact that every single person on this Earth has a story to tell. 1,592 more words

Black African Woman