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The Story Behind black African woman

The new black African woman logo by Tique Design

In March of this year, I finally took a bold step to do something God had been prompting me to do for a while but that I’d been afraid to for over a year. 1,084 more words

Black African Woman

Fabian Bolin War on Cancer - Day 131

Thursday Angels,

Bizarrely tired today for some reason so will keep it short. Slept well and everything, so not sure as why. Might be the infamous fatigue returning again, or maybe my body believes that the worst is over now that it’s been off chemo for more than two weeks, and has started to relax. 428 more words

Method Acting

Fabian Bolin War on Cancer - Day 128

Monday Angels,

”pain is certain, suffering is optional”

Today I’m proud to announce my second official collaboration between #WarOnCancer and a black and white story. Over the months I’ve been approached by many organizations regarding collaborations, but I have been very selective, as it’s of crucial interest for me to be sending out the right message. 628 more words

Method Acting

Why Life Needs To Be Boring

Photo Cred: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation QBank Review

I’ve recently been frustrated with my life and have felt like I’m not adding anything to this world or being as purposeful as I should be. 937 more words

Black African Woman

Guest Post: I Am a Christian and I Am a Womanist, Do You Mind? by Euphony Paballo Kgadima

In the 21st century, or rather the information age, we still find women especially black women being marginalized and ostracized – by virtue of being black and woman. 857 more words

Black African Woman

Nothing short of stunning. The photos have a visual flow to them, as well as a unique balance in imagery, sometimes perfectly symmetrical, and other times unapologetically not. 582 more words

Le Mile

The Armor of God (BAWM: Bible NT)

BAWM: Bible NT

Ephesians (Ephesi) 6:10-18

10 A dawnghchemnâk ah Lalpa ah leh a chaknâk ah thiltikhonâk nei hen hawng um u.

11 Diabol ngamlêmnâk tla chu nan do khonâk ding hen Pathian râlthuam rangtling hen a thuam u. 182 more words