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Biryani is a rice-based meal that consists of layering of cooked rice and meat or vegetables.

Biryani is normally made with long grained Basmati rice, flavoured with cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf and cardamoms. 137 more words

The Forgotten Herb

What, you might wonder, is the forgotten herb. Well, let me tell you about the bay leaf, which I beleive is the forgotten herb.

These aromatic leaves are one of the most underutilized herbs in the spice rack. 680 more words

Chicken And Dumplings

Tease: Rosemary and Bay Chicken

Mid-November will finally bring fall weather to New Orleans and I’ll be more inclined to turn on the oven. Here’s a tease of my Rosemary and Bay Chicken, a warm dish for cool autumn days around the southern family table. 77 more words


Beef Stew

Fall weather is getting here with the cooler nights. ¬†Here is a great beef stew recipe that’s easy to make and taste delicious! I prefer using a slower cooker. 179 more words


Yellow Eyed Pea Soup

No you didn’t read that wrong, there are such things as yellow eye peas, similar in looks but to me easier to add to just about any recipe than black eyed peas.¬† 116 more words


3 Things About Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is a spice cabinet staple, even though the aromatic leaf is more herb than spice. I love opening a fresh bag of bay leaves and smelling the fantastic aroma that wafts from the bag. 361 more words

Pantry Staples

"How To 'Flavor' Pork Necks"

Leeks and lentils soup

with a cannellini  bean

onion-carrot threat!

J Richards