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Asparagus Ravioli in Parmesan Sauce

Do not let the title of this recipe fool you. This dish is really a soup that brings out the best flavors of a homemade stock. 644 more words


Red Wine Marinated Flank Steak

Flank steak is a fairly inexpensive cut of meat but isn’t super tender. The key to taking advantage of this flavorful beef is to let it marinate for a long time. 158 more words

Bay Leaf

Tomato Rice

This is a nice way to add a little flavor to your rice without taking away from other dishes that may be served with it. The bay leaf and Achuete powder are subtle enough that they won’t overwhelm meats that you might prepare for the same meal. 90 more words


How to make Soup Stock - Beef, Chicken, or Ham

A great stock is the base for a great soup. Buying store-bought stock or using stock cubes is ok when you’re in a hurry, and certainly more convenient.Ok, maybe its never ok to use stock cubes or store-bought stock for soup, that’s just clever marketing. 456 more words


Beetroot And Dill Soup

“Busy, busy, busy, is what we Bokononists whisper whenever we think of how complicated and unpredictable the machinery of life really is.”

If I was a true Bokononist, that’s what I would whisper in these recent few weeks. 282 more words


[Recipe] Chicken and leek soup

I wanted something simple for dinner the other night and this hearty chicken and leek soup caught my eye in the “Kööginurk” magazine (2015/5). What I especially liked about it was that it didn’t require me to use any stock cubes or pre-made stock of any kind. 321 more words


Fish Stock

Wow! Time sure does fly when your busy doing other things. This is a shortish post showing you all how to make one of the best fish stocks from scratch. 407 more words