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THE DALLAS ACTION~PT.58: "I Am A Cuban Freedom Fighter"~ Audio Of Mercenary Loran Hall's 1963 Anti-Kennedy/Castro John Birch Society Speech

CLICK THE LINK TO LISTEN! https://www.spreaker.com/user/7338953/the-dallas-action-pt-58-june-12-2015

In ’62 and ’63, Dealey Plaza Ground Crew suspect and anti-Castro mercenary Loran Hall gave a series of speeches to The John Birch Society, rantings about the Kennedys, Castro, Communism and the American Government. 157 more words

Day 021 - 022 Playa Larga

Playa Larga

Guide Books are not always right.
This place was described as, boring, triest and mosquitoinvaded….. (the last thing is partially right at the evening ) 238 more words


The Deadline for Release of All JFK Assassination Files is Near; But Don’t Hold Your Breath

In 1992 the Assassinations Record Review Board, a government agency charged with gathering and assessing all documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy, issued a mandate that all classified documents still being hidden away by the CIA and FBI be released no later than October 2017. 682 more words

Washington’s “Two Track policy” to Latin America: Marines to Central America and diplomats to Cuba

By Prof. James Petras
Global Research, May 20, 2015

Everyone, from political pundits in Washington to the Pope in Rome, including most journalists in the mass media and in the alternative press, have focused on the US moves toward ending the economic blockade of Cuba and gradually opening diplomatic relations.  3,020 more words

Cuban revelation: A remarkable museum, the mission of a lifetime

By David Montgomery

Emilio Cueto hails a bicycle taxi, the principal means of transportation here in Camaguey, Cuba’s third-largest city, if you don’t have a horse. 3,204 more words


duck demands deviled crab haiku

born on bay of pigs
even though she was kosher

oyster searching duck
blintzes with blueberries sign
coming this sunday

duck is upside down… 73 more words


Information Asymmetry and Obama's Hacked Emails.

Last week CNN and the New York Times reported that the breach into the Department of State’s unclassified email systems had spread to the White House.   786 more words