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The Bay Of Pigs Impact

Upon the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion, The United States was left with one of its largest failures in foreign policy. The ploy to spark a revolution in… 611 more words

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The Bay Of Pigs

With the growing hostilities in the fight for influence of the Cold War between the US and USSR, the country of Cuba became a place of extreme importance. 737 more words

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Vinales to Bay of Pigs

Vinales is a lovely quiet little town where the pace is slow, the people friendly and the food surprisingly good. We were told the food in Cuba was plain and rather ordinary and while it’s not Michelin standard so far it’s been fine. 479 more words

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to be is to bleed away

Delighted to have a poem included in the new release from Better Than Starbucks (May 2018 Vol. III No. V; print & online)! Many thanks to the editors for featuring “ 52 more words

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Cienfuegos and the Bay of Pigs

On the way from Vinales to Ciefuegos we stopped off at the Bay of Pigs for a swim. Here is the bay itself (all the marks on the road are about a thousand poor crushed crabs that obviously tried to cross the road – it’s crab roadkill…) 299 more words


April 17, 1961 —  Financed and trained by the CIA, a group of Cuban exiles lands at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba and is unsuccessful in its attempt to oust Fidel Castro.

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