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A Profile on JFK

I became interested in politics after taking AP U.S. History 2 my junior year of high school once I started learning about President John F. Kennedy. 725 more words


Cold War hots up

‘British fighter jets escort Russian planes from UK airspace.’

Is Big Brother watching us as these incidents are recurring on a regular basis?

These days ‘Big Brother’ is synonymous with the Channel 4 television programme. 469 more words


Shortly after noon on Friday, the big yellow Thompson school bus rumbled down Monte Vista Street to drop me off in front of my house. 996 more words

The Bay of Pigs

Title:                      The Bay of Pigs

Author:                  Haynes Johnson

Johnson, Haynes (1964) with Manuel Artime, Jose Perez, San Roman Eineido Oliva, and Enrique Ruiz-Williams. The Bay of Pigs: The Leaders’ Story of Brigade 2506… 354 more words


Bay of Pigs The Untold Story

Title:                      Bay of Pigs The Untold Story

Author:                 Peter Wyden

Wyden, Peter (1979). Bay of Pigs: The Untold Story. New York: Simon and Schuster… 32 more words


Diving in Playa Larga

At the first sight this beach town looked forlorn and run-down. We looked at each other and talked about moving to another destination. But once we started diving, we changed our mind completely! 250 more words


Bay of Pigs, cenote and voodoo

I had a very claustrophobic night in my pink cell with no windows or air vents. This is the third such room I have had on the tour and, with visions of having the same room in Havana that I had had previously, I asked Monica if she could make sure I have a room with some air for the next couple of nights. 688 more words