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Postcard From Cuba: Goodbye Barack

And the patriarch lost his first crop
to weeds, threw a rod in the tractor,
dug a basement and moved the trailer on
for extra bedrooms, cut the water lines… 1,525 more words


​Snorkeling in the Bay of Pigs

Who would’ve thought that 55 years later, tourism would be booming on the coast of the Bay of Pigs. Families are moving to the area from other parts of Cuba, looking for work or building their own Casas Particulares to accommodate the divers and snorkelers who are coming to check out the beautiful marine life. 289 more words

Bay Of Pigs

Nixon Part Three

This article was published in Ceylon Today on Thursday December 22 2016

Henry Kissinger frequently referred to Nixon as a madman but said: “Can you imagine what this man could have been if somebody had loved him? 1,318 more words

Ceylon Today

David Cheney served in the Canal Zoned during the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ of 1962

The scariest part of David Cheney’s three years in the Army was during the “Cuban Missile Crisis” in 1962. He was attached to a communication’s outfit stationed in Panama and was within hours of being shipped to Cuba to take part in an invasion by U.S. 979 more words

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The Bay of Pigs Invasion.

One extremely helpful and important factor the helped the Cuban hero, Fidel Castro to being the Apple of his people’s eye was the bay of pigs invasion. 584 more words

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Cuba – What Everyone Needs To Know
By Julia E. Sweig
Oxford University Press – £10.99

Fidel Castro may have recently departed his beloved island to join his compadre, Che Guevara amid socialist nirvana, but the Cuban idea, the whole shebang, replete with legacy of he who toted many a Cohiba, will no doubt go on Ad infinitum. 528 more words


On Fidel

In the realm of politics, I am perpetually late. This is partially due to my busy schedule, coupled with my long-time friend and rival of that aforementioned schedule; the trait of laziness. 444 more words

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