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Little Mistakes Can Mean A Lot

Cheezburger.com posted a list of 21 seemingly minor mess ups that led to huge problems. For instance, the Bay of Pigs invasion may have failed due to ignoring time zones.

Read explanations of all 21 HERE.

JFK, Most Overrated President - Episode 9

Sean and Paul briefly discuss the revolt among Trump’s base over the proposed DACA deal as well as the patriarchal wet dream that is the Bruce Willis remake of 1972’s  29 more words


'Sects Friday 09/08/2017

*Doubling up this Friday to make up for the day I skipped earlier in the week… plus these kind of tie together nicely. Horrible puns aside, I sincerely hope everyone in the path of hurricane Irma is able to keep safe through the weekend.

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'Sects Tuesday 09/05/2017

*Show of hands… how many of you knew a group of pigs was called a drift? See… something can be stupid and educational at the same time! :)

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'Sects Monday 09/04/2017

*So, yeah, I took the week off last week… but I was working on other things… some previously initiated stories will be picked up again soon… but it’s Labor Day, one of Buzz’ favorite misunderstood holidays, so no way I wasn’t posting this today! :)

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Don’t Leave It Too Late

We had a disturbed night’s sleep at my father-in-law’s cottage in Cumbria recently. Before the crack of dawn when, he, Jock, my father-in-law, one time desert rat, loving, faithful husband, father, grandfather, hurried us awake because he couldn’t find his trousers.   592 more words