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Cuba Holds Municipal Elections

On April 19th Cuba held the first round of elections for representatives or delegates to its municipal assemblies (Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power), a sort of neighborhood council that oversees local matters like water, sewers, street repair and insect fumigation. 618 more words


Cold War Radio #187

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An Invasion Of Refugees

Cold War Radio can also be heard on Spreaker and iHeart Radio. 556 more words

Pig Sheep and Wolves

Today is the anniversary of the Invasion of the Bay of Pigs in 1961 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

So here is a song that is only related because it is sort of about pigs. 7 more words


Age of Innocence – 1962, Cold War and Cold Winter

These days people pay good money to stay in an ice hotel in Sweden and spend an evening shivering in sub-zero temperatures.

When I was a boy a cold Winter would have been quite an ordeal I’m certain because like most people in 1962 we lived in a house without central heating and this was in the days long before double glazing and thermal insulation. 90 more words


Playa Larga

What a day! We left Havana at about 9 this morning, with a quick pit stop at John Lennon Park.

We got breakfast at a ranch rest stop on the highway. 793 more words


With Iran, America, It's Time to Grow Up

Daniel N. White

The criminal foolishness of advocating war against Iran is rather obvious.  Senator John McCain, US Naval Academy ‘58, is a criminal fool by anyone’s definition to advocate launching a war we would certainly lose, as he so recently did from the floor of the Senate.  1,653 more words

US Politics

Age of Innocence - 1962, Cold War and Cold Winter

International relations took a down turn when following the Bay of Pigs incident in the previous year Nikita Khrushchev gave the go-ahead in the summer of 1962 for Russian nuclear missiles to be installed on Cuba to protect it from any future United States led invasion and also to counterbalance its superiority in long and medium range nuclear weapons based in Europe. 1,053 more words