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The irrelevance of inference: (almost) 20 years on is it still irrelevant?

The Irrelevance of Inference was a seminal paper published by Karl Claxton in 1999. In it he outlines a stochastic decision making approach to the evaluation of health technologies. 766 more words

Economic Evaluation

Ensemble Methods are Doomed to Fail in High Dimensions

@tachyeonz : By ensemble methods, I (Bob, not Andrew) mean approaches that scatter points in parameter space and then make moves by inteprolating or extrapolating among subsets of them. 19 more words


False hope (of methodological improvement)

I had a paper out in January with my social worker colleague Rick Hood, called “Complex systems, explanation and policy: implications of the crisis of replication for public health research”. 2,676 more words


Papers of the day

  • From the Machine Learning and Computational Modeling Lab, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran: A. Ahmadian, K. Fouladi, B. N. Araabi, “
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Bayesian ways of doing logistic regression

Logistic distribution is ones of the most widely used distributions in statistics. Even though we are not conscious of it, we are using the logistic distribution whenever we do logistic regression. 763 more words


Slice sampling of the variance of linear regression with half-Cauchy prior

There have been a large number of papers on why we should refrain from using the inverse-gamma distribution as the prior for the variance term in linear regression. 386 more words


I'm going freelance

At the end of April 2017, I will leave my university job and start freelancing. I will be offering training and analysis, focusing on three areas: 284 more words