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Animating Robustness-Check of Bayes Factor Priors

Today I submitted a paper which contained some Bayesian analysis using Bayes factors (a default Bayesian t-test). As the test used a default prior on the effect size (a Cauchy distribution centred on zero with rate [r] = 0.707), I wanted to appease any reviewer concern that the final Bayes factor reported was some peculiarity of the prior rather than due to the data. 272 more words


Recruitment Order & Sequential Bayes Factors

One advantage of using Bayes factors (or any other form of Bayesian analysis) is the ability to engage in optional stopping. That is, one can collect some data, perform the critical Bayesian test, and stop data collection once a pre-defined criterion has been obtained (e.g., until “strong” evidence has been found in support of one hypothesis over another). 598 more words


Falsification and the Bayesian Interpretation

Ever had an idea that felt so natural when you thought it, that it was only later you realized you’d never heard anyone else state it? 624 more words


Ep. 16: Killer Robots

What have you done lately for our future robot overlords?  If the answer is ‘not much’, you may be in trouble.  Today your fearless hosts snub their noses at the nightmarish future of malevolent all-powerful AI systems and killer robots.   356 more words


Chocolate Can Help You Lose Weight – a Hoax

The hoax perpetrated by John Bohannon is now well known.[1] [2] He carried out a small RCT of the effects of a high chocolate diet versus standard diet on multiple end-points, including blood pressure, mood, cholesterol level, etc. 789 more words

Richard Lilford

Speed comparison between R, Julia and Fortran on Bayesian probit regression

(All code used in this ‘benchmark’ can be found in this gist.)

Almost 2 years ago, I installed Julia for the first time and tried to implement some algorithms that I use in my research (mainly Bayesian models). 699 more words

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