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Welcome to my first blog post! You can read about me in the About section.

I will write about statistical inference methods and algorithms, typically (though not exclusively) for models that have some dynamic component. 99 more words

To Bayes or not to Bayes...

That rather non-funny pun is based on the man whose path-breaking work on probability and statistics I have been studying of late. Thomas Bayes, most renowned in academic circles for the… 449 more words


History of Controlled Trials in Medicine

Rankin and Rivest recently published a piece looking at the use of clinical trials more than 400 years ago,[1] while Bothwell and Podolsky have produced a highly readable historical account of controlled trials. 148 more words

Richard Lilford

Beyond Logic Models

It has become common in systematic reviews and, increasingly, in research papers to present a logic model – a trend we entirely applaud. Logic models are usually “graphical depictions of processes” that “describe logical linkages among program resources, activities, outputs… and outcomes.” The ultimate purpose is to depict ‘ 702 more words

Richard Lilford

The Three Faces of Bayes

Last summer, I was at a conference having lunch with Hal Daume III when we got to talking about how “Bayesian” can be a funny and ambiguous term. 2,089 more words

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