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Bayesian methods in conservation

By Matt

I am fairly new to Bayesian approaches and have been exploring why we should use them and how we can apply them to our work. 1,094 more words


In case you missed it: My Webinar on Model-Based Machine Learning

In case you missed my free webinar on “Model-Based Machine Learning“,  here is the recording.

Apologies for the poor quality of the video. Domino Data Lab’s webinar platform suffered a service degradation while recording the event. 39 more words


The MH370 search ends, with nothing

After millions of dollars and years of effort the ATSB has suspended it’s search for the wreck of MH370. There’s some bureaucratic weasel words, but we are done people. 30 more words


Bayesian machine learning

In essence, Bayesian means probabilistic. The specific term exists because there are two approaches to probability. Bayesians think of it as a measure of belief, so that probability is subjective and refers to the future. 75 more words


A Bayesian Approach to the Brain

The July Report on Progress, by Florent Meyniel, Ph.D., explores the Bayesian concept of the brain, a mathematical theory to neuroscience.

According to the article, Bayesian concepts are appealing to many researchers in fundamental and applied research, including neuroscience. 221 more words