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What is False?

John Oliver weighed in on the replication crisis, and I think he did a great job. I’d have liked a bit more on university press departments, who can write misleading press releases that journalists jump on, but he did have to simplify things for a lay audience. 508 more words


Fun with LibBi and Influenza


This is a bit different from my usual posts (well apart from my write up of hacking at Odessa) in that it is a log of how I managed to get… 1,249 more words


New tool links freshwater ecological status and ecosystem services

A major challenge for freshwater scientists and managers is linking the health of an ecosystem (measured as ecological status in the Water Framework Directive) and the services that it provides.  217 more words

Ecosystem Services

Do Bayesian A/B Testing With Me, Bro


If you work in growth, you will probably be involved in A/B or multivariate testing. I’ve run my fair share and have learned some lessons on what to do and what not to do. 1,669 more words


Every Manifold is Paracompact


In their paper Betancourt et al. (2014), the authors give a corollary which starts with the phrase “Because the manifold is paracompact”. It wasn’t immediately clear why… 439 more words


Spatial Statistics

Today I’m going to talk about spatial statistics. This is an area that first piqued my interest while I was on the STOR-i  internship in 2014 and was brought to my mind again in a talk last month by  770 more words


STAN: A tool for Bayesian inference and MCMC

This a short post just to bring to your attention STAN, a tool for Bayesian statistical inference. It’s been around for a few years now but like many of these things it can be slow to percolate down to the end users. 321 more words

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