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The Metropolis Algorithm

In a previous post, we looked at the Accept-Reject sampling method. This method can be used in a situation where we are able to evaluate the distribution function from which we want to sample, but sampling from directly is impossible. 2,661 more words

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Stable isotopes mixing model for published data

Stable isotopes are more and more used in ecology studies. They represent a very efficient way to study food webs and analyses are now cheap enough to allow their use by anyone. 436 more words


Becoming Bayesian

Talking with colleagues, it has become apparent that every day more and more find the Bayesian approach to statistics quite appealing. (Gosh, did I just use three words starting with “app” in a single sentence?) The philosophy behind it seems entirely reasonable: … 343 more words


Grid approximation

Sometimes easy concepts are made so easy you can get confused.

I’m reading a book titled Statistical Rethinking: a bayesian course with examples in R and Stan, written by Richard McElreath. 583 more words

“statistical Rethinking“

Plus/minus what? Let's talk about uncertainty (talk)

Last week at DOAG 2017, I had two talks, one about deep learning with DL4J (slides here) and one about how to communicate uncertainty (or rather: how to construct prediction intervals for various methods / in various frameworks ranging from simple linear regression over Bayesian statistics to neural networks). 21 more words

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How Cargo Cult Bayesians encourage Deep Learning Alchemy

There is a struggle today for the heart and minds of Artificial Intelligence. It’s a complex “Game of Thrones” conflict that involves many houses (or tribes) (see: “ 135 more words