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4 Ways to Defeat Dogmatism in Your Company

Unless you’re Donald Trump—a fellow who’s always right, even when he’s wrong—there’s not much benefit to dogmatism. That’s because some of the biggest breakthroughs come as a result of challenging assumptions; especially those that are commonly accepted. 638 more words

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Bayesian Networks in R with Applications Systems Biology Use Out

Writing biology paper involves writing the basics introduction, abstract a forward, a body that has ideas chronologically arranged a conclusion which summarizes the topic of the biology paper. 268 more words

Outlines Machine Learning A Bayesian and Optimization Perspective Net Developers

My website has some points on tips on how to perform search engine optimization (also know as Search engine optimization) on your web-site. I’ve an absolutely free, comprehensive guide to the practice of search engine… 308 more words

Guide Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning

* Spamihilator will be used with any email client as a result of it works as POP or IMAP proxy.

SpamPal uses an “a la carte” approach for eliminating spam. 267 more words

A Fabulous Paper on P Values, Confidence Limit, and, yes, Bayes

I thank my friend and colleague Alan Girling for drawing my attention to a recent issue of the statistical journal ‘Significance’.

This issue of the journal followed close on the heels of the UK general election and so, not surprisingly, the failure of polls to predict the outcome provided the topic for the feature article. 191 more words

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MH370, the search continues

Why this bit of wreckage is unlikely to affect the outcome of the MH370 search

If this really is a flaperon from MH370 then it’s good news in a way because we could use wind and current data for the Indian ocean to determine where it might have gone into the water. 124 more words

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Mathematica Deep Dive Topics

This is just a (rather public) listing of the deep dive topics that I wish to write about with a thorough understanding (in no particular order).   249 more words

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