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Bayesian change-point analysis for global temperatures, 1850-2010

Professor Peter Congdon reports on two Bayesian models for global temperature shifts in his textbook, Applied Bayesian Modelling, as “Example 6.12: Global temperatures, 1850-2010″, on pages 252-253. 309 more words


"Big Data is the new Phrenology"

From mathbabe: Big Data is the new phrenology.


Here’s the thing. What we’ve got is a new kind of awful pseudo-science, which replaces measurements of skulls with big data.

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Christian Robert on the amazing Gibbs sampler

Professor Christian Robert remarks on the amazing Gibbs sampler. Implicitly he’s also underscoring the power of properly done Bayesian computational analysis. For here we have a problem with a posterior distribution having… 29 more words


Religious Belief and Frequentist Statistics

I am somewhat wary of writing this post as it discusses both the controversy over the existence of God as well as the even more bitterly fought battle between Bayesian and frequentist statistics. 1,017 more words

A/B testing: An online formula for Bayesian testing

I’ve developed an online formula for Bayesian A/B testing expanding Chris Stucchio’s and Evan Miller’s work.
Intro to A/B testing

A/B testing is a very natural and powerful tool for optimizing a website. 882 more words

A/B Testing

Professor Christian Robert’s a day of mourning.

Update: 2015-01-12, 1352 ET

From KAL at The Economist:

Update: 2015-01-31, 1736 ET

And, finally, Sam Harris, who I applaud: