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A simple explanation of rejection sampling in R

The central quantity in Bayesian inference, the posterior, can usually not be calculated analytically, but needs to be estimated by numerical integration, which is typically done with a Monte-Carlo algorithm. 484 more words


Bayesian stats in very few words

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I’ve long admired the capacity of Stata developers to encapsulate complex statistical methods in a few plain English words. 233 more words


a vignette on Metropolis


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This is a very welcome addition by a master of Bayesian computation, providing a great, brief answer for many of my colleagues who ask, "What's this MCMC thing about anyway?"

In Search of Bayesian Inference

In Search of #Bayesian Inference
http://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2015/1/181628-in-search-of-bayesian-inference/fulltext Nice intuition on priors in recovering air-crash wreckage & analyzing mammographs


In its most basic form, Bayes’ Law is a simple method for updating beliefs in the light of new evidence. 393 more words


Medical physicists are Bayesians?

A look at whether medical physics are Bayesians through the example of maintenance of certification (MOC).

Abstract: Though few will admit it, many physicists are Bayesians in at least some situations. 2,222 more words