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Particle Smoothing


The equation of motion for a pendulum of unit length subject to Gaussian white noise is

We can discretize this via the usual Euler method… 3,193 more words


(Pesky?) Priors

When I tell people I am learning Bayesian statistics, I tend to get one of two responses: either people look at me blankly—“What’s Bayesian statistics?”—or I get scorned for using such “loose” methods—“Bayesian analysis is too… 1,803 more words


The Potential Merits of an Informative Prior in Bayesian Analysis Illustrated

Using R and BUGS I analyse a small artificial sample and compare the density distribution of a Bayesian model that uses a non-informative prior to a model with an informative prior. 1,230 more words


R and "big data"

On 2nd November 2015, Wes McKinney, the developer of the highly useful Python pandas module (and other things, including books), wrote an amusing blog post, “ 672 more words


A World Inside the Mind

Short post today, but a few things occurred to me as I was reading the paper on Bayesian Program Learning:

  • This form of recursive program induction starts to look suspiciously like simulation – something we do in our minds all the time.
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