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I'm going freelance

At the end of April 2017, I will leave my university job and start freelancing. I will be offering training and analysis, focusing on three areas: 284 more words


Recommendations on Columbia Courses for Machine Learning & Statistics

For years I’ve kept an extremely long list of resources, from online and offline, of various forms, for machine learning, statistics, programming, video game production and many more. 526 more words


A statistician's journey into deep learning

Last week I went on a training course run by NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute to learn TensorFlow. Here’s my reflections on this. (I’ve gone easy on the hyperlinks, mostly because I’m short of time but also because, you know, there’s Google.) 1,272 more words


Bayesian optimization with scikit-learn

@tachyeonz : Choosing the right parameters for a machine learning model is almost more of an art than a science. Kaggle competitors spend considerable time on tuning their model in the hopes of winning competitions, and proper model selection plays a huge part in that. 16 more words


Ultimate Game Theory

An introduction to the melted, gooey mind of a post-finals PhD student

In the days preceding my game theory final, I was quarantined in my Cambridge apartment. 4,038 more words


Bayesian modeling and prediction for movies

Part 1: Data

Movies are a compelling artform. But while nearly everyone enjoys a good movie, what is it exactly that makes a movie popular? To begin to answer this question, 651 movies were drawn at random from the… 1,796 more words


Zero-Numerator Problem: Calculating the Expected Number of Mistakes in Data Entry Jobs

I have a project for which I need to digitize a series of tables from scanned pdf pages. Due to the scan quality, some pages are handled manually by research assistances. 680 more words