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New EP : Richest Men In The Dolls House (Live) - Magic Eight Ball

Have you discovered already our Magic Baz Francis on Magic Music Magazine? His Magic Eight Ball released a Live EP “Richest Men In The Dolls House” featuring a Live version of “Come Get Your Kicks”. 22 more words


New Single : Keep Me Out The Sunlight / Richest Men In The Graveyard (Expanded Edition 2016) - Magic Eight Ball

Magic Eight Ball’s New Single is “Keep Me Out The Sunlight”.

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The Single is available next Monday on the “Richest Men In The Graveyard (Expanded Edition 2016)” Album. 14 more words


New Album : Sorry We're Late But We're Worth To Wait / Last Of The Old Romantics (Expanded Edition 2016) - Magic Eight Ball

Baz Francis band Magic Eight Ball is almost ready to present their New Album, but first an Expanded Edition of their Album “Last Of The Old Romantics” and “Sorry We’re Late But We’re Worth To Wait”. 57 more words


New EP : Ending - Candybag

Italian Vincenzo Adduci has a beautiful project coming up called Candybag together with his good friends Baz Francis, the singer of Magic Eight Ball, that tries to become the singer of Stone Temple Pilots, Donnie Vie and Madness Circus. 109 more words


BREAKING NEWS : Magic Eight Ball's Baz Francis Auditioned for Stone Temple Pilots

Magic Eight Ball frontman Baz Francis is participating in the game to be the new singer of Stone Temple Pilots.

Between recording of the New 3rd Magic Eight Ball’s Album, he recorded his Audition Submission ten days ago. 55 more words


Mrs Vandevelde - V8 (Donnie Vie/Baz Francis & Lewis John)

February 22nd Donnie Vie, Baz Francis of Magic Eight Ball and Lewis John will released their Single “Mrs Vandevelde”

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