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6 mẹo làm trắng răng tự nhiên ngay tại nhà vừa rẻ lại cực “xịn”

Bạn sẽ không phải thiếu tự tin với hàm răng kém trắng sáng nữa với những mẹo cực hiệu quả này.

BB cream là công đoạn không thể thiếu trong make-up, vậy bạn đã biết đến CC, DD, EE hay PP cream chưa? 962 more words

BB Cream & CC Cream , Apa Bedanya ?


Apakah perbedaannya?

Apa makna singkatan & mana yang terbaik untuk kecantikan Anda?

Produk impor dari Asia sangat diapresiasi, kulit sempurna terlihat karena kualitas prima dari “krim alfabet” yang semakin diminati, mulai dari alas bedak hingga pelembab berwarna, menghasilkan beraneka ragam produk yang menyempurnakan penampilan kulit Anda. 294 more words

Friend Knows

When your friend keep telling you Korean make up is good stuff. And, sometimes gives you free Korean samples, It’s the same as “Come to the dark side we have cookies”.


iWhite BB.Holic Review

As a man who recently discovered that “Men can wear make up too”, I started to find the best essentials and cosmetics that is perfect for my face. 642 more words

EYENLIP Pure Cotton Perfect Cover BB Cream: A Review

CLAIMS: Contains moisturizing ingredients to cultivate moist and soften skin. It gives vitality to sensitive skin. It is fresh and non-sticky making it able to withstand water. 
647 more words

Honey Bronze Bronzing Body BB Cream

Happy Sunday!

This week my friend gave me a selection of Body Shop samples to try out, one of these was the Honey Bronze Bronzing Body BB Cream. 817 more words

BB Cream

Shopping Guide | Choosing a Daily SPF Face Cream

The previous post in this series detailed the differences between chemical and physical/mineral sunscreen (linked here) and discussed why choosing a mineral lotion is a cleaner option. 267 more words