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Because Kindness Matters

Because Kindness Matters
Thank you for being kind
I’m a firm believer
that it might not look like it
Kindness Matters…it always does

Art By MichelleMarie

She's on fire, yet it doesn't burn like she thought it would

She’s on fire
yet it doesn’t burn
like she thought it would
She’s been here before
when the smoke clears
She’ll be standing tall
this kind of fire  7 more words

Art By MichelleMarie

We are waiting for you in EcoTaniq

Are you planning to go to Armenia and visit Khor Virap monastery? If yes, we will glad to see you in EcoTaniq. It is a first camp pub in Armenia. 92 more words


C&G L2 Bridle Making - Day 1

Hey! I made it.

I drove 120 miles all by myself; it wasn’t without a challenge though.

To start with I had quite a tumble off the horse yesterday. 611 more words


Oneirataxia....storms and trials caused

Storms and trials caused Oneirataxia and she no longer had a strong grasp of reality or fantasy, and she liked it that way. Just for now I smiled backstage her, holding back tears…okay I believe you. 15 more words

Art By MichelleMarie

Bleach London Hair Dye Review

Hey guys :)

The other day I was feeling pretty bold, so I bought myself some Bleach London products…I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was 16 (not great, I know) and I’ve had brown hair, ombré hair, blonde hair, bleach blonde hair, dark hair again, then gradually back to bleach blonde – but I’ve never had pastel hair, the kind you see on tumblr and the like. 536 more words


Whisky weekends in Islay, Scotland

Love it or loathe it, you’re missing out if you visit Scotland without trying a wee dram of Scotch whisky. Sure, you might get a taste in a pub, but why not cut out the middle man and get right to the source of Scotland’s favourite drink? 1,406 more words