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DVD/Blu-ray review: Peter Kay’s Car Share

DVD/Blu-ray review: Peter Kay’s Car Share

BBC Worldwide

Out now

Starring: Peter Kay, Sian Gibson

The year 2015 was, amongst other things, the year it became okay to like Peter Kay again. 356 more words

Chris Hallam

Leonard's TV Time: Would I Lie To You?

Leonard, Bart and Donald are watching Would I Lie To You? on BBC:UKTV

Leonard The Cat

Dissension in the Wind – Why I hate Arguments!

I never liked fighting even for my own rights and often even feared to argue over anything with anyone. I don’t even like speaking in a decibel more than my soft spoken words. 770 more words


Once in every lifetime

So while i’m looking back nostalgically at past glory days of british comedy. I feel compelled to mention the Young Ones which is widely recognised as a landmark television series that changed comedy forever. 509 more words


Hail Edmund! Lord of Adders Black!

So I talked about Red Dwarf yesterday only seems natrual I move onto Blackadder now. Ahh Blackadder, sarcasm personified and condensed perfectly into quality comedy. It’s a historicish comedy that focuses on Big moments in british history and adds a complete bastard character into the mix giving his own sacarstic view of world events. 628 more words


What the hell is smeg anyway?

I jest, I of course know what smeg is I asked my parents after I watched my first episode. I remember the awkward silence well to this day. 944 more words