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Kayvan Novak on Fonejacker, Celebrity Voicemail and Chris Morris {The i Paper 11/12/2017}

Kayvan Novak, the BAFTA award-winning, shape-shifting comedian behind Fonejacker and Britain Today Tonight, is back with Celebrity Voicemail

As I voice my trepidation at calling the country’s most infamous phone prankster, Kayvan Novak assures me that he’s off-duty. 1,274 more words


Chinese Burn: the new BBC comedy aiming to smash East Asian stereotypes {The i Paper 27/11/2017}

For anyone frustrated with the lack of authentic Asian characters on screen, new BBC comedy Chinese Burn might be the perfect remedy.

Plagued by endless casting calls for ‘model minority’ roles and takeaway workers, Yennis Cheung and Shin-Fei Chen decided to craft a no-holds barred show depicting the lives of three East Asian women living in London. 938 more words


Another day in Paradise I wish

Welcome back you lovely people here I am again rambling about random things on How my day has been.

Today being the day Tuesday 19th September 2017 and what a day at work, not to good and stress lol but its now all in the past. 453 more words


Top Ten Mighty Boosh Episodes - Milo

Milo here.

Golly! We sure do post a lot of drivel about music here, don’t we? Sometimes I forget that this is a variety blog, so I thought a little TV article might just spice things up. 905 more words


Irrational Fear of Privatised Healthcare

Recently, I came across a comedy sketch entitled ‘Privatising the NHS‘ from a show called Revolting, which is currently airing on the BBC. The writers thought they were illustrating the brutal reality of a heartless idea, but all they succeeded in doing was encapsulating a nation’s irrational fear of privatised health care. 2,250 more words


Inside No. 9 Review: Series Three: ‘The Devil of Christmas’

*contains spoilers*

“I very nearly didn’t do this film, but there was so little work around I felt I couldn’t say no. The week before I’d had a meeting about Worzel Gummidge, but Pertwee had his favourites. 3,199 more words

Reece Shearsmith