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Salted caramel chocolate brownies

I love baking and take any opportunity to try a new recipe.  This week I tried out this one for one of my lovely colleagues at work Kerry as it was her birthday!   333 more words


If There's One Thing This Family Like to Do - It's BBQ.

We take BBQing very seriously in this family. As soon as the temperature gets a little bit warmer, and there’s the slightest sniffter of sunshine, out comes the BBQ. 420 more words


A Quick Tip To Make Roast Dinners Easier

If you think cooking a roast dinner is hard then try just doing the meat, one lot of greens and the potatoes, I find it so much more enjoyable this way instead of doing all the trimmings and stressing over timings and feels less of a great battle in the kitchen. 37 more words


Diuretic Challenge. What I Ate Day 9.

I was really lazy on day 9, although I was up working until 3am so I really should take that back because I wasn’t lazy at all, I was tired. 725 more words


Guaranteed Crispy Pizza Dough

I know the feeling when you just want pizza with a crispy base but have never found the right one to get it just the way you want. 467 more words

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Veggie Supper, Antonio Machado and A Camellia

We had a Butternut Squash, a couple of Peppers and some Mozzarella in the fridge and BBC Good Food came up with  Roasted Squash with Mozzarella and Pesto – delicious! 169 more words


Savoy cabbage parcels

As it seems like winter does not want to go away I decided to share this recipe as a cold winter’s (or cold spring’s) meal. This recipe can be used as a main course or starter. 306 more words

Wild's Life