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Beyond the Beehive - Woman's Hour

I had had a conversation with Bev, the producer, the day before.  We had gone over the sort of questions that might be asked, why I wrote the book, was it semi-autobiographical? 629 more words

The Sixties

Naughty BBC news

I speak of many things in my blog, but my emphasis tends to be on multiculturalism, common understanding, and the knowledge that together means better. My ultimate dream is a borderless world, where the only limit to our togetherness would be space. 1,971 more words

Val's Shop

Autumn Reading Review Part I

I read for pleasure and that is the moment I learn the most.

~ Margaret Atwood

Since my last reading review post, I have worked my way through a further 12 books in hard copy, on Kindle and in audio format.

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Kwame Anthony Appiah on Scripture and Practice - Reith Lectures 2016

The first of the Reith Lectures 2016, “Mistaken Identities”, was delivered by Professor Kwame Anthony Appiah, and broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Appiah argues that when considering religion we overestimate the importance of scripture and underestimate the importance of practice.

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WANTED: Someone just beginning the PIP or ESA assessment process.

Benefits and Work don’t normally pass on media enquiries to their readers, however this particular request came with the endorsement of a seasoned disability benefits campaigner so they made an exception and GMWRAG is happy to do the same. 200 more words

Welfare Benefits

@iGlinavos on the BBC

Following my article for The Conversation on #MarmiteGate, I was a guest on the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning.

You can listen to the whole… 19 more words


Intensive Care on Radio 4

I’ve been listening avidly to this week’s 15-minute drama on Radio 4 about a man whose wife suffers a brain haemorrhage. Usually I avoid these kind of programmes, particularly on the BBC, because they quickly irritate me in how unrealistic/over-dramatised/or just plain worthy they are. 329 more words