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"Art is medicine." Art, radio, and the power of welcome.

In February I made a journey to Spain, through France, retracing (in reverse) my father’s exile journey at the defeat of Spain to the Fascist dictator Francisco Franco in 1939. 778 more words


Cairns and the Great Australian Job hunt

So, it’s been a little while and not much really happened, if I’m honest. When I first arrived in Australia, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the second year of my working holiday visa. 648 more words


41256 the podcast

For a long time I’ve loved Radio 4’s Pick of the Week show, as it deftly rounds up little snippets and highlights from the quite endearing amount of content the station puts out in seven days. 440 more words


Curious under the Stars

“Many a young back has felt this forest floor in their first taste of loving “ Anna Murphy, ‘Curious under the Stars’, 2018

All Feminists are Not Haters

Feminism gets a bad rap sometimes. We feminists aren’t all man-haters. It’s time to set the record straight.

Source: All Feminists are Not Haters


Song Of The Day: "Six Impossible Things"

As I have stated here before, I have been waylaid buy a serious injury and not able to do all that much. Having spent the first month watching lots of DVDs and movies, that activity quickly grew tiresome. 154 more words

Song Of The Day

The Wichita Lineman: And I need you more than want you

A friend and I have been swapping lists just lately of our favourite pieces of classical music. For our own education and maybe even a blog post on here sometime. 267 more words