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Cliff diving in Chile: Divers compete in Lago Ranco

Competitors performed acrobatics from heights of up to 27m (89ft) in Chile.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2gY0bLJ


Italy referendums: Lombardy and Veneto vote on greater autonomy

Central government says the polls are unnecessary but they are permitted under the constitution.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2yGe7mF


Ivory Coast's hair sculptor Laetitia Ky

Laetitia Ky uses coat hangers, wires and pins to make “hair sculptures” for her Instagram fans.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2zsoRm5


Former US presidents gather for hurricanes fundraiser

The five living former US presidents have already raised more than $31m (£23.5m) for victims.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2yAyz9g


BBC are Tory donors according to Tory-run website searchthemoney.com

Remember when the Tories kept banging on about transparency?  They created a website called searchthemoney.com  A search on that site for the British Broadcasting Corporation would reveal this.. 105 more words

that was then

For anyone who has lived in one place and then moved back to another, this BBC article is an incredible read in accurately describing the experience: 103 more words


Night of slaughter

On just one night a year Faroese men can hunt gannet chicks, considered a delicacy. It involves a dangerous climb down steep cliffs.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2irGlft