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What's the difference between a hard or soft Brexit?

The BBC’s Kamal Ahmed explains the difference between a hard or soft Brexit for the UK.

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Syria war: Air strike on IS prison in Mayadin 'kills dozens'

Activists believe US-led coalition aircraft bombed the site and that prisoners are among the dead.

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Liu Xiaobo: China tells US not to interfere over jailed dissident

The US called for the jailed Nobel laureate, who has terminal cancer, to be given “genuine freedom”.

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Philippines to make enthusiastic singing of national anthem mandatory

A new bill passed by the House aims to make singing the anthem “with fervour” compulsory.

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Three CNN journalists resign after Trump aide article removed

Donald Trump Jr called the network “fake news” after it published the now retracted article.

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Nigerian university builds trench to stop Boko Haram attacks

The university in north-eastern Nigeria has repeatedly been attacked by Boko Haram militants.

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Germany: Merkel paves way for gay marriage vote

German MPs press for a vote on legalising same-sex marriage before the September election.

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