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BBC avoidance of term 'terrorist' in Israel stories surfaces again

h/t ML

As we have seen in previous posts, the BBC’s description of the man killed by Elor Azaria in Hebron last March have ranged from “Palestinian attacker” through “ 171 more words


India police arrest 'world's cheapest smartphone' firm boss

A distribution company says many of the 251 Freedom handsets it paid for have not been delivered.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2mjo1Cp


Why is it hard to say 'no' in Turkey?

With a referendum looming, ‘no’ seems to be becoming a difficult word to say in Turkey.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2lBOVWb


Reality check

Nigel Farage claims Malmo is the rape capital of Europe.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2kSVl6d


Negative approach

Pro-government supporters are trying to limit the word “no” in case it influences referendum voters.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2l6dM2x


Who is Martin Schulz?

Why Social Democrat leader Martin Schulz could oust Chancellor Angela Merkel from her post.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2kSMl1e


'Joining the desperadoes'

Elizabeth Ohene considers Ghanaians’ wanderlust as her compatriots join those taking risks to claim asylum abroad.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2l5WnY0