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Ivory seizures hit record levels last year, report says

While poaching killed thousands of elephants over the last decade, it is diminishing, a report says.

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'Minister of WhatsApp'

The creation of a cyber security ministry has both amused and alarmed Zimbabweans.

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George Clooney and Matt Damon speak out over Harvey Weinstein

The actors said it was time for Hollywood to change and that it’s now ‘the moment to believe women’.

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Salvage superstar

Meet the Pakistani girl whose recycled bags are proving a big hit

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Culture and concerts

Tahani Salih suffered under IS – now she’s bringing pleasure back to where the group once ruled.

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Paris accord: US and Syria alone as Nicaragua signs

Nicaragua signs the Paris agreement, leaving only two countries not supporting it.

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The Last Kingdom: Runes

One of the things that people tend to know about the Norse/Vikings is that they used runes for magical purposes. The Last Kingdom employs this trope; Ubba has a sorcerer who uses them. 1,932 more words