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Tinie Tempah on The Graham Norton Show

Currently watching Tinie Tempah perform his single on Text From Your Ex The Graham Norton Show and he’s as charismatic, and energetic as ever and his song’s actually quite good. 42 more words

Anne Marie on The One Show

Just finished listening to Anne Marie on The One Show, on BBC1, and my god what a woman, what an artist. Her new single Ciaos Adios… 73 more words

More TV Memories - TV's Finest Failures.

TV’s Finest Failures (BBC1, 2001)

Around the late-90s/early-2000s there were a lot of various one-off late night compilation shows that looked at various clips of unusual TV moments, such as adverts, award ceremonies, or those… 627 more words

Game Show Memories - The Generation Game.

The Generation Game (BBC1, 1971-1982, 1990-2002)

There were four eras of The Generation Game, although I’m not old enough to remember the first two. The first era was hosted by  536 more words

Rag'n'Bone Man on The Graham Norton Show

Listening to Rag’n’Bone man perform his sensational debut hit track Human on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 right now, and I swear this song just gets better the more I listen to it. 53 more words

"Trust me" he says, but when the court revealed the truth, could he really be trusted after all? Is he the guilty one?

Apple Tree Yard has really turned it up a notch and the truth about him is finally being revealed. How is Mark Liam Costley and can Yvonne really trust him? 668 more words


More TV Memories - The Simpsons.

The Simpsons (Fox, 1989-present) 

The story of how The Simpsons was created and what it’s about is very well known, so this piece will concentrate more on how I got into the show, and how it has been treated on British TV. 710 more words