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Game Show Memories - All Over The Shop.

All Over The Shop (BBC1, 1997-1999)

When it comes to game shows I do have a “try anything once” attitude, whenever I see a new game show announced because I am a big fan of them I always try to watch at least one or two editions to determine if I like it. 486 more words

Game Show Memories - Wipeout (daytime).

Wipeout (BBC1, 1998-2002)

After the enjoyable game show Wipeout with Paul Daniels ended in 1997, about a year later it returned to the screen, but this time in a weekday daytime slot. 512 more words

Game Show Memories - Wipeout (primetime).

Wipeout (BBC1, 1994-1997)

The third and final part in the trilogy of great game shows hosted by Paul Daniels moonlighting from his magic career along with… 689 more words

Game Show Memories - Small Talk.

Small Talk (BBC1, 1994-1996)

This was an enjoyable game from Reg Grundy Productions where funnyman Ronnie Corbett who had appeared in lots of comedy shows had a go at being a game show host and contestants were challenged on if they thought they could guess what a group of children thought about various things in the world.  446 more words

Game Show Memories - The Alphabet Game.

The Alphabet Game (BBC1, 1996-1997)

The Alphabet Game was a weekday daytime show hosted and co-created by Andrew O’Connor who if you’re a regular reader to this blog will know I am a fan of some of the shows that he hosted over the years, and I think that this was the last one that he did, before he went on to have further success behind the scenes as a producer of many more quirky TV shows. 494 more words

A Song for Jenny Makes the 7/7 Anniversary a Dignified, Yet Emotional One

I spent most of the day at home with our small people yesterday, as happens from time to time. The morning was a hit-and-miss affair, boasting a trip to the garage which included my now-normal “hang on a minute, I think I’ve gone the wrong way” routine, and the eldest doing a temporary vanishing act in the middle of a bloody enormous park. 503 more words


Robert, Benedict or Jonny? Which Sherlock Is the Best?

The past few days have seen me glued to Netflix (quelle surprise) and season one of Elementary. I originally watched it when it first aired ages ago, enjoying it in a sniffy, slightly dismissive kinda way. 1,023 more words