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We are on YouTube

AlgaeWales has its own YouTube Channel, and to kickstart this feature we have Jonathan and Jessica on BBC1. Country file meets Jonathan and Jessica in a hunt for laver. 72 more words


Game Show Memories - Pass The Buck.

Pass The Buck (BBC1, 1998-2000)

It’s time for yet another review of a BBC daytime game show. Pass The Buck was hosted in the first series by… 473 more words

More TV Memories - TV Heroes.

TV Heroes (BBC1, 1993-1995)

As I set this blog up to reminisce about various things, I thought it would be a good idea to review a programme that itself is based around nostalgia. 533 more words

Game Show Memories - Bob's Full House.

Bob’s Full House (BBC1, 1984-1990)

This is it. Bob’s Full House is one of the reasons that I really became a fan of TV game shows, and it’s also one of the reasons that I decided to create a blog because I really want to share my memories of this one with everyone. 663 more words

Versailles: Spicy Drama on BBC1

 Versailles – Series 1 – continues this week and is getting hotter by the minute. Period drama does not have to be terribly boring or uninteresting. 230 more words


Iggy Pop on The Graham Norton Show

Just been watching Iggy Pop on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 performing his new single, Sunday. All I can say his that even after 4 decades in the music industry he’s still got it. 69 more words

The YouTube Files - Top Of The Pops USA.

Top Of The Pops USA (CBS, 1987-1988)

I was fiddling about on YouTube recently as I often do when I decided that I wanted to watch some archive clips of… 479 more words