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More TV Memories - Room 101.

Room 101 (BBC2, 1994-1997, 1999-2007, BBC1, 2012-present)

This is the show where celebrities take part and try to get the minor things that irritate them in life banished to “Room 101”, and they have to argue that the world will be a better place without their choices, which ranged from the straightforward to the strange. 435 more words

Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa on The Graham Norton Show

Caught Dua Lipa performing her new single One Kiss with DJ Superstar Calvin Harris, and all I’ll say this this; Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris are a pair of musical geniuses quite simply waiting to happen and One Kiss is just fantastic. 72 more words

Kylie Minogue on The Graham Norton Show

Finished watching a certain Australian pop princess on the TV, that certain pop princess was non other than Kylie Minogue. Ms Minogue was singing her new single… 84 more words

More TV Memories - This Is Your Life.

This Is Your Life (ITV, 1969-1994, BBC1, 1994-2003)

This Is Your Life is a long-running and fondly thought-of show based on an American format that came to British TV as early as the mid-50s, although this piece will concentrate on the later years of the run. 454 more words

Chris Overton and Rachel Shenton’s Oscar winning film The Silent Child to be screened on BBC1 on Good Friday

Rachel Shenton’s heartfelt tale of a deaf child who is struggling to communicate was brought to life by Director Chris Overton. Writer and actress Shenton (S… 325 more words

London Flair Pr

Game Show Memories - Bargain Hunt.

Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 2000-present)

Bargain Hunt is a daytime game show that is based around the world of antiques. Two teams of two take part. They are given £200 and they have one hour to buy three items, and an antiques expert is on hand to advise them on what look like the best deals. 402 more words

More TV Memories - Have I Got News For You.

Have I Got News For You (BBC2, 1990-2000, BBC1, 2000-present)

This is a comedy panel game, and although lots have come and gone over the years, … 481 more words