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Top 5 Things on TV Next Week


Here are the top 5 things on TV that I’d recommend you watch between Sunday 29th March and Sunday 5th April.

Please read the list and if you find time, watch some of the things I suggest. 8 more words


If the mountains of chocolate facing you at every turn in the shops didn’t clue you in, then chances are the sudden swathe of semi and not-so semi-religious programming on the BBC will shout the message loud and clear: IT’S EASTER, FOLKS! 539 more words


Thanks for the Top Gear Memories, But You Cocked It Up, Jezzer

So, it’s RIP to Jeremy Clarkson’s career at the BBC and – possibly – RIP to Top Gear. Am I surprised? Of course not.

Unlike the thousands of others who signed the petition to bring back Clarkson (I chose instead to ask Death to be so kind as to return Terry Pratchett – a much more pressing concern and worthy a cause), I won’t miss seeing the Doncaster lad on my screens for two reasons: 612 more words

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Nancy Carter vs Maddy Hill

When the character of Nancy Carter, played by Maddy Hill, appears in any episode of “Eastenders” on BBC 1, I drop everything and stare with awe. 235 more words

Game Show Memories - Part 14 (and a bit).

Telly Addicts 2 (BBC1, 1997-1998)

About a year after the original format of Telly Addicts ended, the show returned with wholesale changes and a new look, with only the show’s title and… 614 more words

Game Show Memories - Part 14.

Telly Addicts (BBC1, 1985-1996)

Telly Addicts was a great show, unsurprisingly it was all about the world of classic television programmes over the years and all the nostalgic memories that evokes, and it was hosted by… 447 more words

Review: Life After Suicide, BBC1

“You don’t ever get over losing someone to suicide but if you can talk about it you can be happy again.”

I watched this yesterday essentially against medical advice. 917 more words

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