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A Very British Murder- Lucy Worsley

This is a three part series that investigates into Britain’s obsession and development with murder mystery. We go right from the Victorian age to the present day, exploring the difference in how murder mystery was presented. 1,437 more words

Working With Light

10 Rillington Place (1971)

When it’s on: Tuesday, 31 March (10.00 pm)
Channel: BBC4
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– I don’t know, Mr Christie.
– Well Tim, if you haven’t got complete confidence in my abilities…

1,431 more words

test on chrome: problems with formatting on wordpress

For your information – the formatting HAS CHANGED since I first published this – you can see what the original looked like by scrolling down and stopping near the Harsh Reality logo! 2,043 more words


[SABBATH EDITORIAL] It is never your fault

The first Sabbath Editorial touched on victim blaming in the case of domestic and intimate partner violence. Today we’ll look at rape. It is an issue that we’ll no doubt discuss again, but we’re now nearing the end of our series and it would be a travesty not to talk about rape in depth, especially with the public discussion going on at the moment about the controversial film, … 909 more words


"We have the best culture. In our culture, there is no place for a woman."

What is the definition of a woman? What is her purpose? How has she been created in such a way to appear so fragile and delicate, yet able to endure unutterable amounts of pain. 1,302 more words

India's Daughter !!! We Disowned Her.

India’s Daughter is already ready to be disowned by India. Has anyone thought what the girl herself might have wanted? Would she keep mum from her story being told to the world? 332 more words


Into the mind of a rapist - and the law!

This documentary is NOT against India. It’s against RAPE, be it in India, the US, UK, South Africa or anywhere else!

We should watch it and get OUTRAGED. 12 more words