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What's Wrong With Peter Rabbit?

The recent Peter Rabbit film has (rightly) caused quite a stir amongst the anaphylactic community. Sony Pictures’ latest movie features a scene in which Peter and his comrades pelt Tom McGregor (the baddie) with berries, fully aware and indeed in the hope that he will go into anaphylactic shock as a result. 967 more words


Got cotton in your ears? When the BBFC mishears a swear word

The BBFC is a human-run (even if their responses to social media seem robotic) organization. As such, it makes sense that as humans, simple, avoidable mistakes are occasionally made. 668 more words

The Warriors (1979)- The Film Leeds Local Authority Tried To Ban

Its amazing what you find when you go trawling through the microfiche archives for your local newspaper.

When browsing through the back issues of The Yorkshire Evening Post for 1979 I noticed that The Warriors, Walter Hill’s gritty, comic book style New York action flick was actually shown at a ‘members only’ cinema called The Tatler here in Leeds rather than the bigger Odeon and ABC cinemas where I’d expect a big studio film (The Warriors was made by Paramount) to play. 498 more words