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Is the 12A Certificate Ruining Cinema?

Is there anything better than going to the movies? The experience of watching some of your favourite characters on the biggest screen imaginable is an incredibly exciting way to spend an evening. 753 more words


Paying for unsafe legislation...The Government picks up the tab for legal liabilities arising from the BBFC being sued over age verification issues

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As far as I can see if a porn website verifies your age with personal data, it will probably also require you tick tick a consent box with a hol load of small print that nobody ever reads.

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The new UK porn censor lays out its stall...The BBFC launches a new website

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There’s loads of new information today about the upcoming internet porn censorship regime to be coordinated by the BBFC.The BBFC has launched a new website, …

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A bit of rivalry for the BBFC...Sky decides to use US rating service Common Sense Media for parental advice information

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Sky TV has decided to partner with the US media rating service, Common Sense Media to introduce a detailed rating system that will help parents make smarter choices about what their children watch on Sky.

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The BBFC: censors without a soul...8 councils have now overruled the BBFC and awarded a local 12A rating to the documentary, A Northern Soul

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Eight local councils have now decided to overturn a film’s BBFC 15 age rating so younger viewers can watch it.The documentary A Northern Soul was rated 15 by the BBFC for strong language.

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"Moderate sex references" at 12A/12 and 15: What's the difference?

The BBFC has used the word ‘moderate’ to refer to bad language, violence, horror, nudity, etc. in the past, with the majority of insights using this kind of language falling into the 12A/12 category. 1,055 more words