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3 websites WordPress is not very good at

WordPress is a large and feature-rich content management system and you can build everything you want with it. Even though it excels at so many things – that’s why it’s the best CMS on the planet these days and it always was – it has its own weaknesses. 582 more words


I'm difficult to work with

When I was in third grade, my elementary school guidance counselor setup a meeting with my parents and I to talk about my behavior. I’ll spare you the details, but the gist is that “John has a high comprehension level and enormous potential but does not apply himself.” Whether or not that was or is actually true is debatable on some days and a ludicrous notion on others, but this interaction stuck with me, and possibly accidentally influenced the rest of my life, up to this point at least. 1,599 more words



I’m going to say, with emphasis, what I think everyone is probably thinking…

LoopConf is what you wish most WordCamps were

Here’s my gist:

  • Live streaming quality was excellent, because a professional crew was on-tap to handle all of it…
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Плагин для улучшения ссылок bbPress

Я опубликовал новый плагин на wordpress.org, который позволяет улучшить ссылки на форумах bbPress. По умолчанию все ссылки содержат слаги (англ. slugs), что не очень хорошо, если в заголовках присутствуют не английские символы. 32 more words