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Root Beer-BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

I like to do actual cooking, but sometimes you have to do some time-saving-fake-cooking. Fake cooking? What is that? That is what I call using my handy dandy crock pot! 30 more words

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BBQ-Ranch Pulled Pork Salad

I was excited all day in anticipation of making this salad with my leftover pulled pork and some of my favorite vegetables! It was simple to prepare and oh so yummy! 34 more words

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BBQ Won Ton Pizzas

If you follow me on Instagram, sometime last week you might have seen my post with these delicious little noms that I had for lunch. Sometimes, as in this case, I just threw together what I have in my fridge. 22 more words

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Grilled Chicken Thighs, Little Old Ladies, and The Theory of Mass Convergence

*Rummaging about in the digital vault lately, we happened upon an article of old that never made the light of day. Not sure why. We’ll file it under the “ 1,405 more words

Sharing our Love

It’s home cooking kinda weather and we’ve partnered with local friends, who create beautifully plant powered blogs, to share some of our favourite new recipes with them and you. 38 more words


Tried & True: Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Ribs

I have a confession to make: I may or may not have broken my laptop, which is why I’ve been pretty dormant lately. Another confession: I may or may not have sneaked my way onto C’s “strictly for work” work laptop to post this. 192 more words