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Yeminish Goat

Somehow the option of a goat roast came up in conversation. Not the sort of meat that you run into in Perth cooking very often, mainly in stews or at Italian restaurants. 529 more words

Sous Vide

Scottish Girl Meets the Beach BBQ

The beach BBQ is a mythical and mysterious idea for someone coming from Scotland. A legendary event we read about in books and see in tv shows in far off lands where it’s dry for more than a day and where the clouds of midges don’t drive you off the beaches as soon at 5pm sharp.  371 more words


Restaurant Bucket List

Currently, this is very bare-bones list, but I will continue to update it as I find new places I want to try. As you can see, I like barbeque…It’s probably my favorite food. 122 more words

The Best Between Bread-Iowa's Sandwich Masters: Locale 6, Marion

Marion, IA: Linn County

If I could borrow a line from one of my favorite movies, Apocalypse Now…”You smell that? Over there in the trees! You smell that? 435 more words


Twice Cooked BBQ Pork Ribs

Barbecue ribs though messy to eat are just amazing she cooked right with tender meat falling off the bone and a zingy barbecue sauce. I twice cook mine and make a really simple and easy barbecue sauce to both coat the meat when barbecuing or grilling and to pour over them when serving. 217 more words


Another Leftover Recipe - Quinoa

Lunch today! Quiz and simple.


meatless beef tips


your favorite BBQ sauce
Place the beef tips on a skillet or in a George Forman type thing for about 5 minutes. 39 more words


Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wings

I’ll begin by quoting Neil Rankin

‘When you start getting serious over chicken wings,
you should start re-evaluating your priorities in life’

Wings are about getting messy, tasting great and for me most of all…….sharing. 645 more words