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The Simpler Route: JDM Zele GTR

One of my favorite, more simpler kits for the R35 GTR has got to be the Zele kit and this one here is a gorgeously executed example. 28 more words


Quick Snaps! Vol. 5 [E46 M3 x BBS LM]

Here’s my latest segment of “Quick Snaps”: A gorgeous CSL inspired M3 on BBS LMs!

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive


Going Low Low: Lexus IS350 x BBS LM

Here’s a perfect IS350 from Japan slammed on a set of classic BBS LMs. I think we can all agree that BBS LMs makes all things look good. 6 more words


BNR34 GTR x BBS LM : Simplicity in White & Gold

The BNR34 GTR is definitely one of the sickest car to come straight out of any automotive factory. So, naturally, minimal modifications are required to make it look or perform better than stock. 14 more words


SOLD: BBS LM (4) 17x8+35

Item: BBS LM (LMP071 model)

Description: (4) 17×8+35; 5×114.3

Location: Okinawa, Japan

Price: SOLD

Contact: brickhouseproducts@gmail.com

High quality, lightweight awesomeness! BBS LM’s are the definition of form and function. 109 more words


Lowest Liberty

Out of all the handfuls of Liberty Walk GTRs out there, I have to say that this is probably my favorite. Dropped so low on custom BBS LMs, I can probably say that this thing is also the… 7 more words


STi Gone Wide!

I absolutely love the way this wide bodied STi looks! This thing is rocking a mixture of parts that surprisingly works really well with each other. 32 more words