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Loan on BB&T Building Downtown In Delinquency According to Reports

Andrew Thurlow of The JAX Business Journal reports that the loan on the BB&T building downtown has been sent to a special servicer as payments have been delinquent for the past 10 months.

JAX Business Journal

doing the sit and wait.

I’ve been MIA for awhile…  oops. Not a lot to write about when you’re doing the sit and wait…

We’re moving forward with the known donor. 473 more words

Day 6, Big Bang Theory Life

My post is a little late today. I prefer writing in the mornings. But there were too many things going on. Sheldon was around today, so we had croissant and coffee breakfast while watching Big Bang Theory episodes. 1,317 more words

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Cycle Drama

So… yesterday I got my period. That’s not what was supposed to happen. After my doctor’s appointment last week (the one on day 22 where he found a growing follicle and predicted ovulation within a few days) I assumed I had ovulated late around day 24 or 25, but I never got a shift in my basal body temperature or a positive ovulation tester. 320 more words

Why Many Banks Need Fed Interest Rate Hikes Sooner Rather Than Later

Low interest rates, or perhaps zero interest rates, may be good for consumers. They are not too great for savers, and if Goldman Sachs is correct, it is getting to be very bad for some of the big banks as well. 576 more words

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stress at 5 weeks pregnant

I can’t help but compare myself to a client I saw last week.  She estimated she was 7 weeks pregnant, but didn’t have health insurance so she hadn’t been to a Dr. 229 more words

The Rockies.

My last update, you experienced me going bat shit crazy. I was an anxious ball of what’s going on! for the better part of all month. 843 more words