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I was sooooo stoked when I found out Calgary got their very own Chatime location. I first tried Chatime out in Toronto and I was extremely impressed by their drink offerings. 277 more words


Rude Receptionist, Clomid Craziness, and Temping Ban

Where do we start? Jay was scheduled to have his semen analysis on Friday. We went with a lab the doctor suggested and made an appointment online to drop off a specimen. 571 more words

Our Journey

Local Banks Show Pride

For Pride Month, multiple banks have been showing their support for their LGBT customers with advertising and ATM signage.

Wells Fargo started their campaign with the release of its new commercial featuring two women learning sign language. 561 more words

South Florida Gay News

my, myself, and cycle 4.

CD6 & just waiting for go time. The quiet days.

I think I might actually get just as impatient during this “tww” as I do during the actual tww. 1,015 more words


Welp…cycle 3 is a bust.

AF attacked with a vengeance late this morning. I knew it was coming, my temp has a pretty consistent reaction, almost to the degree, to the incoming witch. 639 more words

Not Everyone is a Fertile Myrtle

Sometimes we’re just Moaning Myrtles.

I fluctuate moment by moment on whether it is a blessing or curse that there is no baby #2 yet. Walter himself, who screams and cries all the time when I hold every friend’s new baby, said to me recently, completely unprompted, “I want a little brother or sister.” And what am I supposed to say to that? 528 more words


Feeling feverish

Well, tested early yesterday at 12dpo at the request of my wife. I was really hesitant. I wanted to stick to my guns and wait for the day AF is due. 275 more words