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30 Signs and Symptoms of Early Pregnancy from the Thick of the Two Week Wait

One week down, one more to go until the end of my first real two week wait. As every decently obsessive woman has, I’ve been through my fair share of pregnancy scares and fantasies. 641 more words


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Loved this post! Particularly the spot on comment about convincing yourself of having these symtoms. Every single thing be it a flutter or a twinge (my heartbeat sped up for 3 seconds...I googled it!) has me wishing its a symptom. Heres hoping some of these actually fit with you, if so huge congratulations. I will take myself and my sudden shade of green to the other room! Xoxo

Blue Wahoos Stadium ranked No. 2 in minor leagues

Four years into existence, Blue Wahoos Stadium continues receiving national acclaim.

The bayfront ballpark was ranked No. 2 by StadiumJourney.com among America’s 160 minor league baseball stadiums. 588 more words


Try Again Beverages House

Let’s keep this short and sweet. We were in Chinatown and wanted to grab bubble tea to go. Try Again Beverages House is tiny, cramped and tucked away in the basement of the HSBC building (take a quick left when you walk down the stairs) so this fit the bill perfectly. 184 more words


Best Couples in Comedy Television part 1

We all love sitting in front of the television after a long day of work to relax and watching our favourite shows. Throughout the years there has been many different comedy shows, whether they have been from across the pond or produced on local shores, they all have one thing in common that we all know and love. 959 more words


Spiked Watermelon Lychee Bubble Tea

This is a super simple watermelon slush drink that really hits the spot on hot summer days!  The name however, is totally wrong — there is no Tea at all in this drink.  566 more words

Food We Cook

So LH surge hasn’t happened yet and although I’m not completely discouraged I am getting there. According to the directions on the Wondfo strips the test line should be just as dark if not darker than the control line.

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Am I ovulating???

Ok so since having my son I have been pretty regular with getting AF… I went to my OB for my yearly check-up and mentioned it to him and asked since we will be trying for #2 sometime in the next 3-6 months do we have a shot of conceiving naturally…we needed IVF/FET to conceive previously…he indicated that since I am getting AF that I am ovulating…in my resarch its not always the case that you ovulate if you get AF…I decided to take my my BBT to see if I am in fact ovulating…if I am then great we will try on our own for a couple of months before we go down the IF path again however if I am not then I wont waste the time and craziness of TTC naturally.   145 more words