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Educating Ryan

Every so often something so profound comes across my desk that it just needs to be shared with all of you…

In this case, a post in a public group on Facebook made it to me in regards to Darryl Plecas taking the position of Speaker. 79 more words

Bc Liberals

Coalition in the Public Interest

It’s May 2017, the Canadian province of British Columbia has voted and we have spoken clearly: we have no idea what we want our government to do. 643 more words

BC Election 2017

What does it mean for the future of British Columbia?

The results are almost all in, and so far, the BC Liberals Christy Clark is re-elected for her 7th year as premier. Though, if the result remains the same, we have formed a minority government, the first in 16 years straight. 487 more words

Current Events

All great changes are preceded by chaos ~ Deepak Chopra

Here I sit in the armchair by the window, ¬†hair in a bun, eyelids low as I battle to keep them open after staying up past 1 am on an emotional see-saw watching BC’s historic election results roll in. 1,272 more words

Bc Liberals

Now You Tell Me...

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception” – Aldous Huxley

There are times you can only scratch your head and wonder if this is really life or am I just having a bad dream.   878 more words

Terry Wiens

BC Climate debate VIDEOS

I went to the BC Sustainable Energy Association sponsored debate on climate change. I was the ONLY one there challenging the status quo and not bending over for carbn taxes and government land expropriation. 155 more words

Cannabis Freedom with Owen Smith

I was lucky enough to have on my show a guest named Owen Smith, the publisher for Cannabis Digest. He took the Government of Canada to court over their restriction over the right to use cannabis in any form rather then just smoking the dried flower. 45 more words