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Reform of ICBC needed

The front page of Saturday’s Vancouver Sun was the need to raise insurance rates identified by a leaked report that the BC Liberals asked for, and then kept quiet about. 813 more words


How long will Christy Clark last as B.C. Liberal party leader?

As Premier Christy Clark begins her reluctant transition to Opposition, questions about how long she can last as B.C. Liberal party leader are beginning to mount. 712 more words


Days before the B.C. election, BC Liberals and NDP are locked in a tight race: Poll

The BC Liberals and the BC NDP are locked in a tight race with just days to go until the 2017 BC election, according to a new poll from the Angus Reid Institute. 632 more words


The Myth of Financial Prudence

KAMLOOPS — Quite often, after writing a column about the foibles of a particular political party (more often than not the BC Liberals simply because they provide a wealth of column-worthy material) I see a comment that goes something like… 649 more words

Bill McQuarrie

The B.C. election campaign is getting personal

The election writ won’t even be issued until next week, but already the two major parties appear to have revealed – via TV advertising – the main thrust of their key campaign message to voters. 724 more words


Special prosecutor examines donations to B.C.'s political parties

VICTORIA – A special prosecutor has been appointed to provide legal advice to the RCMP over possible violations of British Columbia’s Elections Act, less than two weeks before the official start of a provincial election. 533 more words


Imagine where BC would be if we had treated our resource revenues as Norway has

I’m having a bit of a socialist moment today. A somewhat different kind of socialist moment though, as I want to be a millionaire like every man woman and child is in Norway. 670 more words

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