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Horgan teases twinning of Massey Tunnel, says province could get going 'quite quickly'

Premier John Horgan has made his government’s clearest statement yet on the possible future of the congestion-plagued George Massey Tunnel.

Asked about the crossing Thursday, Horgan said he was pleased that the Metro Vancouver Mayors’ Council had “come to an agreement that the best way forward would be to twin the tunnel,” an option he said would be cheaper than a bridge and not require tolls. 496 more words


BC Liberals need to jettison their social-conservative fringe and clean up

A problem with building your political movement’s coalition around the demands of deeply social-conservative single-issue groups is that they can be intransigent and unrepresentative of the values your party really stands for. 663 more words


New Democrats, BC Liberals battle over the future of MSP premiums

The BC Liberals and NDP are waging a war of words over the future of Medical Services Plan (MSP) premiums.

Last week, BC Liberal president Paul Barbeau sent a letter to NDP president Craig Keating, saying the NDP was making “false claims” in fundraising emails when suggesting the Liberals would bring back MSP if the party formed government. 545 more words


BC Liberals playing a dangerous blame-game on fuel prices

Look, I get it. Andrew Wilkinson’s BC Liberals are the opposition and they’ve got a job to do in trying to throw in enough shade towards the government so that they can portray themselves as the champion of the little guy and the NDP is the aloof elitists governing from their ivory tower; disconnected from reality. 656 more words


Shady 'labour' group upset at fair representation for workers

At stake are the regulations regarding large infrastructure projects in BC that the new NDP government has set in place. In a nutshell, the government is pursuing PLA’s (or project labour… 371 more words


Palmer's advertorial for BC Liberal a sad display of using political talking points to draft "editorials"

A sad ‘editorial‘ published by Vaughn Palmer today misses the mark and faces a legitimate fact check.

The BC Liberals, desperate for an angle to attack the NDP have railed against the unusually high gas prices in BC, specifically in the lower mainland. 210 more words


B.C. Liberals pushing for ban of flavoured vape products

B.C. Liberal MLA Todd Stone has introduced legislation that would ban the sale of flavoured vape products.

The private members legislation introduced on Thursday would also limit the supply and accessibility of e-cigarette products through stricter retail controls, and restrict the sale of products to adult-only tobacco stores, vape stores and approved pharmacies. 475 more words