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Rafe & Scotty on Denman

A preceding article contains two comments from readers whom I regard highly. The contributions were to Overrun with dullards, bums, and hacks… Because they merit close attention, I present them here again for emphasis. 1,013 more words

BC Liberals

Where do B.C. government parties land when it comes to changing our voting system?

The stark urban/rural divide that has cleaved its way onto our provincial electoral map may be about to play a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of any attempt to change our voting system. 643 more words


B.C. Liberals waste no time criticizing new NDP government

It didn’t take long for the BC Liberal jabs to come out, in the wake of the new NDP government being sworn in Tuesday.

“We can all work together.” 185 more words


Get used to new political conversation in BC: SFU professor

British Columbia gets its first NDP government in 16 years on Tuesday and one political scientist thinks residents of the province should get used to a change in the conversation. 176 more words


BC Liberals file complaint alleging NDP will use public funds for partisan purposes

A new government won’t be sworn in until Tuesday, but the BC Liberals are already alleging the New Democrats plan to inappropriately use public money for partisan purposes. 466 more words


Hypocrisy 101

Communications sometime reveal more than planned about policy and political philosophy. That may be the case when a Liberal “digital warrior” tweeted this:

Liberals are OK with taxpayers paying billions to support someone else’s mining and gas companies, and private power producers, for helicopters and jets to fly to Party fundraisers, for the soon to be ex-Premier’s photographers, videographers and a biographer, for 7-figure damages to victims of the health ministry firings, for hundreds of government propagandists, for taxpayer-paid caucus workers doing Liberal  politics… 31 more words

BC Liberals

‘She thrives on being underestimated’ former Liberal MLA says Clark not going anywhere soon

A former provincial cabinet minister believes Christy Clark won’t step down as leader of the party after losing the confidence of the legislature.

Last week Clark resigned… 268 more words