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​Society's stereotypical point-of-view on Call Center Agents - And our side of the story

Being in a BPO industry is “TOXIC” or atleast that’s what most people say how it is. Why?

People who tell these are either the one’s who’ve been there long enough to know what they’re talking about or the one’s who doesn’t have a clue at all how the BPO industry works. 1,259 more words


BCAA reviews, dosage, effects, actions

BCAA is a source of exogenous branched chain amino acids that must be delivered to the body from the outside, ie with food. These compounds are essential for the development of our musculature and shaping. 527 more words

SUPPLEMENTS - what to take, what to skip

A frequently asked question is what customers should take for weight loss, muscle mass, recovery… in order to progress in training process. Most in fact seeking a shortcut to success through “adequate” supplementation. 412 more words