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Fall Ministries

Birthdays are over and fall is supposedly here, but the weather feels like spring and the colors of the leaves are pretty dismal. But, a part of me secretly loves the fact that it’s still warm so late because that means less time in the bitter cold! 536 more words

Missionary Retreat Fellowship

Tuesdays with Dorie BCM: Moka Dupont

I have a one-track mind when it comes to sweets and I had been pushing to make this Moka Dupont for months. Finally, the time is now! 226 more words

Sweet Things

BCM LYL: Babas au Rhum and Moka Dupont

Let’s see what you did!

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BCM P&Q: Babas au Rhum and Moka Dupont

How can we help?  How can you help?  Let us know!


BCM Recipes for October

Apologies for the delay! It was a unanimous vote, though, so it’s probably no surprise that the recipes for October are:

Babas au Rhum on page 218… 24 more words


Assessment 2 - Public Writing Reflection

At the beginning of this semester I decided to create an entirely new blog to dedicate to this subject – All That Jazz 2.0. This was partially because I had such a long break from media subjects in order to focus on my marketing major, and overall, I felt my… 1,007 more words


Photography restrictions in Uluru

Last week, while exploring potential trips for the upcoming break, I asked my boyfriend whether he’d be interested in visiting Uluru.

Anthony: Yeah, that’d be a cool trip, but I’m pretty sure we aren’t allowed to climb it. 509 more words