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BCM115 - Assessment 1 Remoscope

I was inspired by the remoscope ‘white head’ through the very minimal movement of the owl and aimed to create this throughout my remoscope by focusing on singular objects with small movements. 111 more words



Welcome home! To my blog busy bee which is based on me and my educational experience at UOW as a communications and media student. The blog name comes as I used to be quite a hyperactive child (busy) and my family nickname has always been bee, so put them together right? 53 more words


Research Proposal: How Students Use Music Whilst Studying

Being a student can be a very stressful experience for many people. According to a survey Headspace conducted, 70 per cent of Australian students that responded classified their mental health to be at a poor rating whilst two-thirds had high or very high psychological distress over the past 12 months. 576 more words


My Journey as a Member of a Youtube Audience

Tasked with creating a post about media audiences I found myself finding no better example than when I was an 11 year old boy finding his own way around Youtube. 652 more words


Tuesdays with Dorie BCM: Apple Weekend Cake

I like the concept of a “weekend cake.” It’s good to have a simple, sturdy cake that lasts for several days and travels well. Something reliable and something that everyone will like. 154 more words

Sweet Things

Kingdom Partnership

Pictured above are 3 of our Appalachian State students surrounded by the #NoPlaceLeft team based in South Florida. One of our students has family in that area and the 3 of them were visiting them over Spring Break. 171 more words


Apple Weekend Cake, page 14

This was an easy bake.

I used one sweet apple and one green a bit sour one.  I sprinkled some granulated sugar on top, like I do for Dorie’s  quatre  quarts from AMFT.    63 more words