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Tuesdays with Dorie BCM: Pithiviers

The last time I made Pithiviers was in cooking school about 15 years ago. I have never forgotten how delicious it was though. I’m all for two rounds of flaky puff pastry with a filling in between, traditionally almond frangipane (one of my favorite things) and a bit of jammy fruit. 186 more words

Sweet Things


The introduction of the smartphone application Snapchat was a huge game changer in 2011. Front facing cameras had been introduced and now the concept of an image that could only be seen for 10 seconds. 586 more words


Reddit - A Digital Artefact

Reddit. The so called “front page of the internet”, and what a front page it is.

After delving into the world of Reddit through my… 548 more words


Cleaning Up!

The blizzard of 2017, “Stella”, really did a number up here in NEPA! We got about 32″ of snow when it was all said and done, most of that falling Tuesday during the day, sometimes 2″ an hour. 441 more words

Missionary Retreat Fellowship

S i m p s o n s w a v e & G l i t c h A r t

In our fourth BCM112 lecture, we explored the idea of material transformation and digital making. One of the examples discussed was “Glitch Art”, which is basically manipulating digital bugs or glitches, to create an interesting aesthetic. 241 more words


Medium is the Message: The Netflix case

It took me a while to fully grasp Marshall McLuhan’s concept that “The Medium is the Message”. However in light of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ … 164 more words