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Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia Storytelling, also known as transmedia narrative is a technique to broaden a single story into multiple stories by systematically dispersing the story onto different mediums, such as games, books and so on. 337 more words


Children and the Media

Today’s hot actress who was a protagonist in popular American drama “Modern Family”, Ariel Winter has been a role model to teen girls especially those who are in the same age with her. 573 more words


"But What About the Children?!?!"

The use of children in popular media is an interesting one that often raises several issues and debates. What is and isn’t appropriate for children to do? 709 more words


The 'Perfect' Family

Zoe Krupka writes about the current issues dealing with what it means to be a normal family, and what it means to be a functional or dysfunctional family. 470 more words


Ethics Schmethics

Ethics is an important philosophy created to show what is right and wrong in just about everything. Ethics can apply to everything in the world, from scientific studies, to your local sports team. 468 more words


BCM: Recipes Nominations for May

What would you like us to try next month? Nominate two recipes, please, and include page numbers.


BCM P&Q: Coconut Tapioca

What questions do you have? Do you need to substitute something? Here’s where to test it out!