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BCM241 Assignment 2 - Pitch


semester, the topic that sparked interest for me was digital ethnography. The
topic I have chosen for my final assessment task takes inspiration from the… 997 more words

BCM241: Digital Ethnography

Digital ethnography helps us understand the way in which individuals behave online, the culture of the internet and the way people connect through it. In this week’s lecture (Turnbull 2019), we focused on two case studies which were examples of digital ethnography and which demonstrated the impact the internet can have on individual’s behaviour. 315 more words


Social Media: mobilization, coordination, dissemination.

This week we briefly discussed the political and social role social media can play in times of civil unrest. There were many example given, Tunisia, Iran, although there has been a more recent development, the civil unrest in Hong Kong that I plan to discuss. 153 more words


Gaming Culture - Ethnography Research (PRT. 2)

Part 2:  My Ethnography Research Approach

While conducting a study, research or analysis, it is always important to consider and respect all the ethical guidelines given. 592 more words

research project pitch [part 2]; qualitative research methods and planned format

I’ve decided to focus my research project on the fandom cultures and customs surrounding the live-viewing of sporting events. My chosen medium of presentation for the ethnographic observation is inspired by the television program  331 more words


Gaming Culture - Ethnographic Research (PRT. ONE)

The aim of this ethnographic research is to fixate on the specific emotions and cultures brought out through playing different games on different platforms.

Since I was young, I have always had a love of playing games with my younger brothers; from playing an interactive game to look after a virtual monkey to a first-person-shooter game that could last up to hours on end. 558 more words

The process... / BCM241 PITCH

I previously discussed my research project topic here, discussing NRL fandoms. I have spent some time, and thought about the ways I can effectively communicate my research report in an engaging and educational way. 623 more words