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Group Prezi - Ya Kitten Me

Please see presentation slides for our group game pitch below. Our game is called ‘Ya Kitten Me’, and it’s about competing with friends to become the cat’s favourite. 16 more words


BCM300 Blog Post 2

In week 4 our groups were given a baggy with some random pieces in it. Even though we didn’t have to use all of the pieces, our group decided to give it a go. 573 more words

Rich Boys Ain't Sh*t

Over the past two weeks, my classmates and I have begun prototyping our own game. It became clear rather quickly how easy it is to miss holes in your design until you have to explain the idea out loud to someone else. 587 more words


Murder in the Hay: Animal Farm meets Charlotte's Web

Throw a bunch of farm animals, a dead farmer and a satirical story full of sabotage, lies and deceit and you get Murder in the Hay… 892 more words


02/ Gone with the Hay

Silly sausages, magic medicine and murder madness.

These were just some of the random words I was throwing together in class to articulate any ideas and themes for a potential board game. 517 more words


Get your University degree! (through a board game) - BCM300_blog 2

Yo dawg, we heard you liked University so much, that you wanted to go through the whole experience again whilst still completing your own degree! 438 more words