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A couple of things I learned recently:

1: If you carry out a SELECT column1, column2…. INTO dbo.NewTable the newly created table won’t have any of the indexes, foreign keys or primary keys etc. 96 more words

SQL Server

Quotes, Misquotes, and Statistics

I know that it’s only January, but this year’s prize for a misquote must go to Fire Security Ltd, who have stated the following on their website  “According to research by economic analysts Mel Gosling and Andrew Hiles, 70 per cent of businesses would fail after a fire – either by not reopening immediately after the blaze, or gradually dwindling in resources and effectiveness to close within three years”. 245 more words

Business Continuity

日立INS、バックアップやデータ配信などオール日立で企業のBCP対策を支援 [ #cbajp ]




Customer Services and CSAT analysis: A measurement analysis procedure for services continuity Kindle Edition

Every service organization needs to be matured enough to serve to the customers on long term to sustain their business.

But when they continue Vendor and Customer relationship, there are some process steps need to be followed for the resolution of the issues raised by the customer. 131 more words

IT Service Life Cycle

Risk Management Framework & Risk Assessment Heatmaps

In early 2006 I was appointed as UK Country Head for Nedbank London, my first time at running a bank. I got another go, but with a blank sheet of paper, when I became CEO of Bank PHB (UK), a start-up UK bank, in 2008. 1,100 more words

Corporate Governance

Enough about secrecy! What about the other stuff?

I’ve spent a lot of this year talking about confidentiality. That’s what most people mean when they talk about “cyber-security”: keeping secret stuff secret. Which is, of course, important. 480 more words





  • Business Continuity Planning
  • 업무연속성관리
  • 기업활동을 저해할 수 있는 각종 위험에 대비하여, 조직, 자원, 업무복구 절차 등을 준비하여 비즈니스의 연속성을 보장하도록 하는 체계
  • 재난 발생시 비즈니스의 연속성을 유지하기 위한 계획으로 재해, 재난으로 인해 정상적인 운용이 어려운 데이터 백업과 같은 단순 복구뿐만 아니라 고객 서비스의 지속성을 보장하고, 핵심업무 기능을 지속하는 환경을 조성해 기업 가치를 극대화하는 것을 말한다.
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