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[My Journey] Part 01 - My Journey's Humble Beginning

This is my first post about my personal journey towards credit card nirvana. Coupled with my musings, reviews, and lessons, I hope these posts help serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for starting your own journey. 549 more words

Credit Card

Praise God

If you’re here this morning feeling triumphant and joyous and free because of the Supreme Court’s decisions this past week, praise God.

If you’re here this morning feeling queasy and uncertain because of the Supreme Court’s decisions, or because of hate that’s been manifested in our state and even across the street in the last few weeks, praise God. 1,709 more words


Helpless but present

After a few weeks of activities at the Manor, Villa, Memory Care Center and the Health Center Fr. Jacobsen gave us a new list of people to visit.   361 more words

Field Placement

She said... Birth Control Pills

Today was day 18 and the last day for me of taking Birth Control Pills (BCP). I find it very strange that taking birth control pills is part of the process to get pregnant with IVF . 478 more words


Dear Father Allen

77 St Mark’s Place
New York City 3

Nov. 26th

Dear Father Allen:

Have you gone stark raving mad? Aside from its introduction of a lesson and psalm from the O.T., which seems to me admirable since few people go any more to Mattins or Evensong, the new ‘liturgy’ is appalling. 228 more words


Feeling out of sorts

I have a lot going on in my head right now, and I’m feeling very out of sorts, so I’m hoping that I can make this post make sense. 2,023 more words


disaster recovery, or not?

Part 2

In part 1 I said that you probably believe me when I say that things will go wrong, and I’m sure that you do believe me. 637 more words

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