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Remembering What is Precious / Recordando lo que es precioso

In today’s world it’s easy to forget the importance of acknowledging life…click on the following link: Dharma Talk Robert K Hall 05-17-15

(29:21 min)

En el mundo de hoy es fácil olvidar la importancia de reconocer la vida …, haga clic siguiente enlace:  23 more words


The Mystery of Being Alive / El misterio del ser vivo

Life’s meaning is revealed, when we realize we are not separate beings…

click on the following link: Dharma Talk Robert K Hall 05-10-15

(29:16 min) 42 more words


Barry Conrad: ‘For me it was a natural progression’

I talk to Barry Conrad about changing his name, music, and what matters the most in life. Read my interview on FDRMX here.

Jessica Morris

I don't care what Fisher and Saban say, bowl games don't matter and never really did.

For over a century college football was patting itself on the back while schools crowned themselves national champions because… well… why not? If you have a pretty good year and at least one newspaper saw you as the best team then by all means, go ahead and claim a title. 452 more words

College Football

2000 items limit in external list

The error message in SharePoint list looks something like this:

Database response throttled. Maximum number of rows that can be read through the database system utility is 2000. 64 more words


How Something Becomes Nothing

With focused awareness the distinction between subject and object disappears…click on the following link: Dharma Talk Robert K Hall 04-26-15

(27:00 min)


IT's At The Airport

Last month, I helped coordinate a BCS London seminar about the role of IT in the airport and air travel industry, and as you might imagine it proved a very popular topic, complete with sold out venue and 4 expert IT practitioners from one of the world’s busiest hub airport. 441 more words