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Turning 40 has ruined my life

I just want to vent a bit I guess. I found out like a month ago I’m diabetic. This really sucks cause I cant eat anything good! 386 more words

1st bday

Where to start?! ;) Busy busy day…
The feeling that my baby is turning ONE was torturing me for few weeks!! ;) yes, i did not want her grow any more! 114 more words

I've switched to Wordpress.org!

Hello friends. Recently, I finished the spring semester and turned 25. As a gift to myself, I finally decided to register a new domain and rebrand myself. 58 more words


Old Lady Accidentally Spits Out Her Dentures When Blowing Out Birthday Candles [VIDEO]

When you turn older than 100 you really have to live on the brighter side of life. You can’t get hung up on the silly things.  42 more words


Blogging is lame

Well since nobody cares what I think here I guess I can say what I want and no one will read it anyways! I had another strange dream I’ll share. 260 more words


2015 MAY 06 \(^o^)/ HAPPY BAEKHYUN DAY

A very special day to Baekhyun and all his fans from across the world.
You’re loved for who you are and who you want to be! 47 more words


Special BDay gift for C-Note! 

This past weekend was EXTREMELY festive! With the Mayweather vs Pacman fight, the NFL draft (Go Skins), the Chris Paul and Steph Curry shows, and much more. 259 more words