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1. Mijn eerste les BDO

De eerste les “Beeldend Docentvak Onderwijs”. Deze les vond ik de meest spannendste les van deze week. Het was een interessant, leerzame kennismaking. Door middel van postkaarten hebben wij allemaal antwoordt gegeven op de vraag: “Wat wil je op deze opleiding leren?” 172 more words


Weekly highlights: BDO Economic & Political Update and ESA Qld-Nine Squared CBA seminar

It was a fantastic week to be an economist in Brisbane, with two excellent events, the BDO Economic & Political Update on Tuesday morning at BCEC and the ESA Qld-Nine Squared seminar on… 802 more words

BDO Debit Card Int'l Service Charge

I am sharing this for everybody who doesn’t know it yet… but I have a feeling that I am the last person to know, that you can use your BDO Debit Card also for online purchases. 336 more words


Zao - Colorful,Vibrant, Yummy

Have you ever just want some Pho on a rainy Sunday? Or just a bite of crunchy Bahn Mi to soothe your soul? Well, that’s why we dropped by Zao, a Vietnamese restaurant hiding in one of the mezzanines of Promenade, Greenhills. 429 more words



((Wee warning, adult themes.))

The young woman spat at the feet of the man before her. Saliva, mixed with blood stained the reed covered floor. She grinned up at him, her split lip opening further. 898 more words


The Maval English Literacy Project - Training Nearly 1000 Zilla Parishad Teachers In A Month!

Let’s Make Maval English Literate – ‪#‎Training1‬

As the first step towards making Maval English Literate, the training session for the first 2 levels of the English Literacy Program was conducted at Pawana Nagar Vidya Mandir, Kale Colony, … 316 more words

LFW Updates

Brexit blues or bounce? Not sure, but Britons turn off spending tap says BDO

Pinning down the after-effects of the Brexit vote in the UK is turning out to be quite hard. Despite pre-referendum warnings of disaster or promises of a new, golden age for Britain, we sometimes forget that we’re still in the EU and will be for a good few years yet. 841 more words