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The government restricting our rights.

This is a violation of the first amendment, and I am against that act. Restricting one’s speech on a public or affiliated position is wrong. I am against the BDS movement, but the expansion of the government impeding on our rights. 151 more words

Podcast Ep 15: Resisting the censors

23 February 2020 — The Electronic Intifada

Nora Barrows-Friedman

On episode 15 of The Electronic Intifada Podcast, filmmaker and journalist Abby Martin discusses her recent free speech lawsuit against the state of Georgia and its anti-BDS law. 287 more words


First Amendment on Trial

I try to keep Mystery Rebellion apolitical, but it couldn’t exist without America’s First Amendment which guarantees freedom of expression. Many states are denying that freedom of expression, by forcing people to take an oath of loyalty to a foreign government, which is as unconstitutional as it gets. 34 more words


To Serve Jews, United Nations Style

In 1962, the television show The Twilight Zone aired a show called “To Serve Man.” The show featured aliens arriving at the United Nations in New York City who presented themselves as saviors who would bring forth a new era of peace and prosperity for mankind, ending starvation and wars on Earth. 643 more words


#BDS - Boikot Produk "syarikat pakatan sifat syaitan" Yang Memberi Sumbangan Dan Dokongan Kepada "entiti pakatan sifat syaitan, zionis di israel dan sepertinya"

#Insan seluruh dunia perlu mendesak Pesuruhjaya Tinggi PBB yang hampir 2 tahun Gagal Melaksanakan ‘Mandat’ Dengan Berterusan Menangguhkan Pelepasan Pangkalan Data Perniagaan “dasar sifat syaitan” Di Pendudukan Haram “entiti pakatan sifat syaitan,zionis” Israel Di Palestin, Seperti yang dijanjikan, selewatnya dicember 2017, PBB akan mengeluar senarai syarikat dan institusi”dasar sifat syaitan” yang beropeasi secara “haram, tidak sah dan bersifat mendokong dan bersekongkol dengan penjajahan” di kawasan Palestin yang dijajah seperti revolusi PBB 1947 dan syarikat atau institusi”dasar sifat syaitan” yang menyumbang dan mendokong dasar zalim, menindas, penjajahan dan munafik “entiti pakatan sifat syaitan, zionis di” israel.

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