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Pain on the Brain!

Merry Christmas eve, ladies and gents!

This is a very hectic, overwhelming time of year. As you go about your day, please make sure to take some time and check-in with yourself. 1,078 more words


Well, I started to set up this blog a while ago, and it’s sat ever since. Why? Actually there is a good reason. (I think). I have a lot to say, and to me, it is rather profound. 2,184 more words


I filled Out A Questionnaire For My Lady.

See, my Lady managed to get a hold of a little questionnaire for Dommes to  give to prospective clients/submissive ‘s. I thought that it was kind of funny, yet somewhat uncomfortable. 384 more words


Another Week

Another week is coming to an end. Personally, I’ve had better weeks, but I’ve also had worse. The week started off pretty badly. I was in a mood due to the way the weekend went. 625 more words


Rapture’s Birthday Extravaganza

So, this past weekend we had a DXS Rapture event that coincided with a few birthdays. (My) Lady Eve, Madame Ember, and Master Thorson all were celebrating their birthdays at this event. 980 more words


Getting Ready For The Big Weekend

It’s Thursday. My last day before the big weekend begins. What “big” weekend? My Wife’s birthday. Now for those of you who know us, know that this was the biggest party at The Place last year. 610 more words


Have I Been Cranky?

Okay, so I’ve been bitchy lately. I’ve been arguing with the wife an awful lot. The worst part is that I’m not that upset about what it is we are arguing about. 724 more words