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Lego House

Suddenly, the ground trembled, my bones shuddered and for all of five seconds I thought that my equilibrium had finally been shattered by every lemon that life had thrown at me; I was going to do something terribly dramatic and unnecessary, like faint. 332 more words

It is Friday again!

TGIF! Actually, I’m usually the person who is stoked to get out of the office early on a Friday, however, nearly everyday is filled with either pregnancy this or cancer that. 376 more words

Be Brave

My Fears; My Strength

I have fears. Many fears. But I know I have to face it. Be brave. Be strong.

Back when I was 10 years old, I’m always a fan of romantic love stories. 697 more words


Thoughts on my birthday~

Often while driving I’ll tune my music to the “oldies” channel; within seconds of hearing the first few notes from a song by America, Fleetwood Mac, or the Beach Boys, all the words come rushing back. 571 more words

Be Brave

I am no longer the girl

Who goes to you when I am teary.

I instead became a girl

Who knows to care for me.

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Change of plans

I suppose that this is just how things are going to go from now on, never knowing if plans will stay the same or if they will change. 353 more words

Be Brave

3 Day Quote Challenge - Day 3

For my last post on this challenge, I first thought I’d share another three quotes (because there are just sooo many good ones out there), but then I realised that there is one that has always stood out to me – one that means a little more and holds an extra special placeĀ in my heart. 123 more words