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Go For It

Success is Magnificent!

That is why it is so magnificent when someone does achieve their dreams and goals.  They not only had to develop the dream and overcome their own self doubt and worry, but also the doubt and in many cases the ridicule of the world in order to achieve what… 197 more words


Have A Seat Upon A Cloud

Have a seat upon a cloud and make yourself at home
You are now inside my dreams,  inside a book,  inside a poem.

Where anything can happen if you only make it real… 180 more words


So it begins...

Dear avid readers and those bored at work,

Tonight I lay in the comfort of a bed contemplating the next time I will sleep in one because I start my hike tomorrow. 168 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

When it is time...

Today my Nan had an appointment with her oncologist, Dr. Bartels. During the appointment she seemed to be so confused and tried to fill out her own paperwork and answer questions, sadly, she ended up frustrated and I answered the best that I could for her. 283 more words

No One Has To Fight Alone

Letting go....

I do not like to let go….

It simply goes against my nature… I’m the one kicking and screaming, hanging on by my finger tips… It doesn’t matter whether it’s a relationship… A friendship…simply anything that impacts in a meaningful way in my life….I… 383 more words

And The Tears Came

I don’t cry often. I compartmentalize my emotions as much as humanly possible and when I can’t take much more I erupt in an onslaught of water mysteriously flowing from my face. 419 more words