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And the Survey Says… Teachers: Speak Up, Speak Out

The teachers have spoken and it appears they are a little bit stressed.

A few months ago, I asked teachers to share their feelings in an on-line poll.   4,822 more words


Be Effective With Your Talents

Everyone has a talent. If you’re like me though, your first reaction is, “I don’t think I really have one.” This reaction to me saying that you do have one, is due to the fact that we often look down at ourselves. 1,319 more words

Fight Songs and Rainbows

Repost from June 26, 2015

Something has happened in my 40’s. I suspect it happens to everyone, but it has been slightly profound around here. 135 more words

Be You

Week 7 - Travelling Solo (better late than never, right?!)

Activity: Travelling Solo

Where: Las Vegas (for a work conference!)

Cost: Let’s not talk about this…have you seen the exchange rate lately?!

The Story:  Okay, so every year I have a work conference in July, and it is held in either Las Vegas, NV or Orlando, FL. 847 more words

Random Vacation Thoughts

Below is a collection of random thoughts from our vacation as I begin to decompress a bit. Warning, these are very random and not all warm and fuzzy. 531 more words

Be Brave

If Someone Criticizes Your Dreams or Makes Little of Your Hardwork

One time someone I loved and respected a whole bunch said
“Well I just can’t keep up with you.
One minute you’re doing this,
the next you’re doing that. 819 more words