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Tinder and Dating

So.. I took a break from writing and all I could think about was my free days, heading to the seaside, bla bla bla.. Basically running away from work and responsibilities. 571 more words

Boom - time to shatter your beliefs

I (Body Centric) believe that we (humans) do not need to accept the limitations of pain, restrictions of movement and fear get in the way of us (humans) living the life we choose to live. 204 more words

Creating Time...to Think

I’ve been on a quest this summer to slow down. Life feels so incredibly busy all the time and I’ve been working on being more present, instead of working ten steps ahead in my head with no time to actually think. 657 more words

Thoughts About Life

You have choices

My air conditioning has been working marginally, if at all, for two months. During a summer with a record number of days over 90 degrees, many over 100. 632 more words

Thoughts About Life

Make This Year Count: My Bucket List

Very recently I turned 21. Yep, I know, I’m now officially old!

In all seriousness, I suppose this is considered to be quite a monumental point in one’s life and it really got me thinking about what I really want to get out of my next year on this rock floating through space. 618 more words

5 Things You Should Be Brave Enough to Start Doing

We live in a day in age that people get offended in the blink of an eye. Sometimes we keep things to ourselves at the risk of upsetting others. 886 more words


So I had a moment last night...

The moment we all know and hate, that one when every dark and self-deprecating feeling you’ve ever buried comes rising up like a tidal wave and paralyses you with pain. 327 more words