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Of Silence and Care

It’s been a while between words and tea hasn’t it?

(I only say this because I’ve been staring at this blank screen for several minutes, struggling to put anything down until I’d made a brew) 1,062 more words


Leaving the Comfort Zone

After practically being forced to make the change, I have begun the search to find a new hairdresser. Like most women I understand that hairdressing is the one department where you do not accept anything less than perfect. 475 more words


She sits looking in the mirror

Eyes full of tears

“Why me?” she asks

The empty eyes stare back at her

The room is silent… 91 more words

Be You

My Friday Thoughts

My personal wish for you all is to know it’s ok……….

To crumble, fall apart and have NO clue how to feel, handle or understand your feelings, state of mind or thoughts.                                                       355 more words

Be Brave

Because of YOU....I can...A sister's love

This is for my sister who knew I could and one day would!

I have made mistakes!

I have made quite a few!

But, that never took away, 279 more words

Be Brave

What does the people, friends, heartbeats that crossed your path mean to you?

People have told me how impressed they are of my memory. The skill to take them back to the moment I am talking with them about. 142 more words

Be Brave

A mother's broken heart, when her child feels pain.

As a mom the very moment, the smell, the views and the vision of the site of the damage we encapsulate our senses with, will forever be burned in our memory the second we child endures real pain physical or mental.   202 more words

Be Brave