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Shhh...its a secret.

Everyone has fears, right? Some are completely rational and some are completely irrational and we usually know which category they are in, right? And some are really no big deal and don’t impact our daily lives so we just carry them with us, perfectly normal. 592 more words

Taking It On


At some point almost everyone will suffer some form of anxiety. In the high-stress society we live in it’s almost inevitable that eventually you will get overwhelmed, whether by a culmination of little things or one huge life screw-up. 779 more words

A constant investigation.

I sit here and cannot move. my mind is going a million minutes. my heart is throbbing. my fingers won’t stop clicking and scrolling. having a semi-open adoption leaves me always wondering. 421 more words

Why I encourage you to leave the people you love, and how leaving turned out for me.

As we grow older we pass through many developmental stages and critical periods in life. The vision of having a Rockstar husband that was all we’d hoped for at 15, is more than likely completely different to what we dream of when we’re 18, 21, 25 and 35, and that’s perfectly okay! 1,286 more words

Be Brave

True engagement

I went to yoga yesterday. In Athleta. At the mall. Truth is, I love it because it’s a little different setting and when they have classes, it’s different every time. 644 more words

Thoughts About Life

Etapa: Rest, Ice, Elevate & Repeat

I was in my hostal en Carrion de Los Condes and had just sent an email to make an appointment with a physiotherapist in Leon. I decided to go down to the cafe to eat breakfast and wait for my taxi to arrive. 1,097 more words

Self Discovery

Thoughts and Fears..

I often find myself wondering what she is thinking..
I of course wish she could tell me her wants and needs verbally and I would love to hear her say I love you mom. 581 more words