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Ang Bililhun'g Kabilin

Damgo alang kanako ang mahilakip sa pipila nga nahatagan sa kahigayunan nga mamahimo unya’ng mga magsisibya sa mga uma-abot nga tu-ig. Tinu-ud nga ang Cebu Normal University kuwang sa mga kahimanan ug mga ekipo aron sa paghanas sa kahibalo sa mga tinun-an apan dili kini babag aron muhulma ug mga kalidad nga produkto. 278 more words


Military Mama

Tonight, I lost my cr*p.

Monday is Cub Scout night. Every single week, I hear gravel crunching under Hubby’s tires.

And I wait.

Every. Week. 547 more words


Are you moving in or what?

Hello, darlings!

Found this in my pile of “stories that didn’t make the cut” and it was quite a trip down the emotion lane of how it was, when I just got my own place and how it is not. 518 more words


Feeling like a failure

You know them days when you feel like hibernating and never seeing anyone ever again?!

So, this morning I woke up and I automatically felt like a failure. 396 more words

A choice to make...

I’ve talked about it before, and it’s no surprise to those who know me. I am a creature of habit. I mean, big time. I create processes for things I do regularly, each step is part of the experience. 623 more words

Thoughts About Life

The power of kindness

Walking out of my office today, I bumped into a co-worker who has been trying to help me resolve a particularly tricky release of funds. It’s been going on for a while now and I knew that it had her feeling a bit frazzled. 391 more words


Crazy Bravery

One thing I have noticed about kids is they are not afraid of anything. I have seen them hanging off tree limbs, running up to stray cats and dogs, talking to strangers, climbing on stair railings, eating strange berries (I did stop that one), playing in the street, and doing many other things that would make an adult have a heart attack. 372 more words