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A Thankful Heart


This past weekend, my husband and I were invited to attend a ball! Yes, that’s right, a ball. We were excited to attend an event that was outside our “normal.” Really, just getting to go out was great. 1,192 more words


There's a million reasons why it couldn't work; but baby we only need one reason why it could.

I’m…lost. But I’m not sure I want to be found just yet.

My relationship is a mess. An intricate code that I can’t yet decipher. He came back, then left again. 1,019 more words

Be Brave

day 84. hey 😊

hey, how are you?
i have been waiting for you to talk to me, did you know that?
and apparently so, you have been quite busy chasing your dreams and therefore have triumphantly ignored me for so long now. 451 more words

My guy friend likes me...Crap....

Hey all. I have a problem… One of my guy friends likes me but I don’t like him. He’s a great guy, funny, smart, and very sweet, but I just don’t feel that way for him. 16 more words

College Girl

How to overcome fear and find peace?

Thank You for coming back my friend,

“What if…” – two powerful words that can take us very far in two different directions. It could open our creative minds for positive possibilities and new horizons or it could start paranoia and plant fear deep down in our minds. 1,648 more words

Everyday Life

Day 2 In the Bag!

Yes! Day 2 of my beginning pilates monthly workout done! It was abs, abs, abs! And it kicked my butt! But after it being done it feels so worth it :) 16 more words

Be Proud

A basket of QUESTIONS!

Have you ever been where I am at this moment?

I’m sure, yes, you were here, sometime in your life, or you still are, or maybe your time’s yet to come. 332 more words

Rants And Stuff