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To decorate or not decorate?

Christmas is 15 days away and I haven’t decorated my house yet. By not decorated, I mean not…one…little…bit. No garland, no wreath, no lights, nothing, nada. 571 more words

Thoughts About Life


I woke early this am with the words…a strand of three cords can not be easily broken…rolling about in my head.

God is like a fighter pilot going off to battle to war against every negative thing that comes against your heart and soul. 376 more words

Dont Quit

Feeling Alone!!!

Lonely is not being alone,

Its the feeling that no one care.

When you need it the most.When you want so many support this things use happen and then you feel like stuck and alone and You’re Nothing, you’re no one.

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Gladys Seracarpio

Some of us have get hurt and afraid to love again. It is like a trauma and a situation that they would not want to go back anymore. 1,470 more words


Growing up I was a MASSIVE Disney fan (hey I still am as an adult). Something about the colours or believing in princesses and talking animals, enchanted forests everything is magical. 267 more words

Shame is not welcome here

Over Thanksgiving, we traveled to Florida to spend time with my side of the family. They are a wonderful, fun, crazy at times, group and we had an awesome time. 720 more words

Thoughts About Life