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An Open Letter To my Younger Self.

Hey you,

it’s been a while… or has it?  20 year old you is here to write to your past self. Pointless, I know, but this is a task of self reflection so here goes. 491 more words

dear mom + dad.

when I give Brooklyn my blessing to find her bio family when she is ready, like you gave us, I want to reassure her to never forget me. 391 more words

happy BIRTHday to me.

to be welcomed. to be encouraged. to be informed. to be supported. to be validated. those were what I dreamt of when looking for my biological family. 434 more words

Be Brave & Start Over Again

Sketch ini mengingatkan saya sama satu hal yang harusnya dilakukan semua orang: BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO MAKE MISTAKES. Atau menjadi berani untuk berbuat salah. Saya sendiri sebenernya sama. 142 more words



“I AM A DISAPPOINTMENT TO EVERYONE” is the most fu*king sentence we say when we just don’t know how to make things better again.

We try to figure out the things by all possible ways and when we see ourselves failing again and again, then we eventually stop trying.We just don’t give too many chances, we gave.And we simply end up the things saying- 375 more words

Brave Enough

I’m currently reading two books called Brave Enough.  One is a book of quotes by Cheryl Strayed and the other is  Nicole Unice and is a faith based book specifically for women. 601 more words

Thoughts About Life