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If Only – Summer Class

If Only – Summer Class

“Sweetheart, where do you think should we enroll the twins this summer?”

“Ummm, wala pa ako maisip sa ngayon, baka ikaw meron na.” 155 more words


If Only - Never Again

If Only – Never Again

It’s a Sunday and Ricky just woke up. The twins scrambled to wake him up.

“Ewww, daddy, you’re so yucky.” Sunshine blurted out. 466 more words


If Only - Simple Prayer

If Only – Simple Prayer

The family were about to have dinner, when Sky called his mom.

“Mommy, I lead prayer.”

“Okay baby.” Maya encouraged her son. 242 more words


If Only - Sunshine's Date with Daddy

If OnlySunshine’s Date with Daddy 

Ricky got on his car and called home.

“Hello Doris,  nakaayos na ba si Sunshine? “

“Ay opo sir. 691 more words


If Only - Dahdi and Ishkay's Day

If Only – Dahdi and Ishkay’s Day



“Doris, pakipalitan ng pang-alis si Sky.” Ricky asked as he arrived home after lunch.


“Sige po Sir Richard.” 1,168 more words


If Only – Engineer Lim

If Only – Engineer Lim

Ricky came out of the babies’ room, leaving his wife to tend after Sean and Sunshine. Sky was in the sala playing on his own, or so he thought. 401 more words


If Only - New Year Vacay

If Only – New Year Vacay

“Ohemgee! I’m so excited to see Lola Nanay, Lolo Tatay, tatits and Cho.”

“Ang sabihin mo Niks, excited ka para sa suman sa latik.” 908 more words