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Please Be My Legal Wife – Part 19

A/N: Hahaha! I really love this…us…our world! Nabubuhay rin ang kawatang lupa ko sa overwhelming response ninyo. Hindi lang po ako nag re-reply pa kasi inuna ko makatapos ng i-po-post ko para makabawi bawi sa inyo. 6,648 more words


Please Be My Legal Wife – Part 18

A/N: I said I wanted to read your previous comments and requests before I do any updates, pero because of your super warm reception for my “return of the comeback” I was not able to control my fingers from typing and typing and typing…. 6,077 more words


Will I Be Enough - Epilogue


–After 5 years–

Maya and Ricky were still both asleep when she felt something moved. Then she heard little voices. She chance upon to look on Ricky and saw that he was awake as well and waiting for what will happen next. 517 more words


Will I Be Enough - Finale


“So Maya, you think I will be enough for you?”

“You are not enough Ricky.. because you are more than enough! I love you more than life itself and I cannot bear the thought of you without by myside from here on. 308 more words


Will I Be Enough - Chapter 12

Chapter 12

They were now traversing to his place. Maya insisted they do so as she needs to thank Manang Fe personally.

“So sweetheart, pano na ung work mo dun? 397 more words


Will I Be Enough - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

–Present time–

“How did you know where to find me?” Ricky asked. They were in his car and on the way to their favorite restaurant. 912 more words


Will I Be Enough - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

It has been their routine. Ricky would her call morning of Europe time to wake her up and she would call him evening of Manila time to bid him goodnight. 279 more words