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Letters 10

Chapter Ten

Richards’s words echoed in Maya’s mind as she took a cab back to Rainbow Weddings. Outwardly she appeared to be looking at the passing scenery, but her mind was focused on the past. 534 more words

Richard And Maya

Letters 9

Chapter Nine

“Let’s get out of here,” Richard said, summoning their waiter. “We can walk along the embarcadero or something while we talk.”

Maya shook her head. 534 more words

Richard And Maya

Letters 8

Chapter 8

“What money?” Maya asked. Talking with Richard had been long overdue. She was learning things she never imagined.

“I sent you money every chance I got. 621 more words

Richard And Maya

Letters 7

Chapter Seven

Maya shrugged, as a response to his question. But Richard pushed.

“So you were worried.”

“Scared silly, was more like it. I watched every car race I could get on television after you left, hoping to hear something about you. 581 more words

Richard And Maya

Letters 6

Chapter Six

Why had he come? Richard could give Maya a solid reason, but would she accept it? Right now she thought running into him at Charlie’s wedding had been a coincidence. 584 more words

Richard And Maya

Letters 5

Chapter Five

Maya was standing on the sidewalk when Richard showed up. By the gleam in his eyes, she wondered if she’d made a mistake waiting outside. 562 more words

Richard And Maya

Spur Of The Moment

Spur Of The Moment

Richard sat in the driver’s side of his car and watched the rain droplets roll down the driver’s side window. The small drops beginning at the top slowly joined more droplets, eventually creating one single raindrop to travel down the window. 828 more words

Richard And Maya