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If Only - Daddy Finger

If Only – Daddy Finger

“Daddy finger…daddy finger….”

Sky was singing in the backseat and his parents were so amused. Maya informed her husband that she will fetch the twins since she’ll be out early. 351 more words


Stay My Love - 3

Stay My Love – 3

“Lino a little to your left.” Richard was guiding one of their helpers, Lino, who was hanging the signage which bears the details about their big sale. 2,076 more words

Be Careful With My Heart

If Only - Wonderful Moment

If Only – Wonderful Moment

Ricky and Maya were sitting close in the sofa as they watch. Ricky was caressing his wife’s arm who idly traces circular pattern on his chest. 577 more words


My Safe Refuge 16

My Safe Refuge 16

It only took 15 minutes for Richard to reach Maya’s place. The anger he harbored the past days now turned to worry especially with what Ryan said and with Maya reminding him of their special day which she intentionally mentioned to be Nikki’s birthday. 1,565 more words

Be Careful With My Heart

Stay My Love - 2

A/N  I know I promised to do Refuge but hirap ako na ituloy at the moment so eto na lang muna. 

Thanks for reading. I appreciate all your comments. 1,131 more words

Be Careful With My Heart

Trooping the Color - 2

In loving memory of Brangelina.

“Where are your feet taking my feet this time?”

“I actually don’t know,” Richard smoothed one side of his hair. Then he gazed down at her tenderly and said, “I-I don’t know where my feet will take yours but I wouldn’t mind getting lost in Rome with you.” 4,506 more words


Trooping the Color - 1

Isn’t that how falling in love so often works? Some stranger appears out of nowhere and becomes a fixed star in your universe.” — … 7,412 more words