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If Only - The Sleepover

If Only – The Sleepover

“Ate, I want sleep with you and ate Abby.”

“Really baby?” Nikki asked and Sunshine nodded her head. “That’s great!” 470 more words


If Only - By the Beach

If Only – By the Beach

As requested by their kids, the family celebrated the wedding anniversary of their parents by the beach. And Mr. Grumpy was one excited kid. 668 more words


Two to Tango - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The past…

Maya felt her heart jumped, and for a moment, she can’t seemed to breathe, as she and the chinito guy, standing by the entrance leading to the azotea of her  family home, gazed at each other intently. 3,117 more words


Confrontation and Confession

Maiba ulit. Wala kasi akong matapos-tapos sa mga inumpisahan kong post bcwmh series na short stories, e, hehe.

The muted sounds of laughter and music drifted from downstairs as Maya made her way out to the wide balcony overlooking the garden, glad to find the area deserted. 865 more words


If Only – The Cake

If Only – The Cake

“Mommy…mommmy” Sky calls on his mom who was sitting on the sofa watching tv while he and Sunshine play.

“Yes kuya Sky?” 680 more words


If Only – I Share Your Fear

If Only – I Share Your Fear

Maya was looking on Ricky who was playing with baby Sean.
“Sweetheart, nagseselos na ko ah.”
“Huh?” Ricky looked at her wondering. 1,059 more words


Stay My Love - 5

Stay My Love – 5

Richard was left staring at the door when she stormed out of his office. He was also surprised with her reaction. 1,496 more words

Be Careful With My Heart