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Few Words Spoken

Few words spoken

a mighty tale told loudly

Quiet breaks soft

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Birds Flutter

Birds flutter
along a rooftop high
Beetle crawls

by Karen Smith 11/19/17

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truck chasing
cars alongĀ  highways
Deer beside road

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Truely beautiful
honest, knowledgeable
a gift time unfolding
nature sings for joy
kindness reigns within
sweetness nectar of delight
giving jewel like heart
inseperated from quilt… 14 more words


His love soared heavenily up
Earth hides below

by Karen Smith 11/19/17

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Daily Prompt: Atmospheric

via Daily Prompt: Atmospheric


rises like cotton clouds

the bird lands

Words Like The Wisdom

Words like the wisdom

I hear from you

pours from me

as liquid gold

making me truly a lucky

soul for what I know

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