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[Need a creative title for post]

I am sitting here trying to come up with a creative angle to talk about being creative. I’m struggling, I really am. I need a whiteboard. 570 more words

Be Creative

how to talk to strangers

You meet a stranger at church or work and boom….it’s weird. You’re scrambling to make conversation and nothing is working. Each of you is looking around trying to find some excuse to get out of this weirdness. 300 more words

Be Creative

How To Get A Full Body Workout Using ONLY a Park Bench

If you’re into training outdoors in the elements there are times when you need to use your mind and get a little creative. Getting creative is one of the best parts of taking your workouts outside. 354 more words


Doodles Away

Doodles Away

All over the pave

The imagination moves

To sketch the thoughts

Of images seen

Eyes opened or closed~

Rest easy on the Mountain Ranges… 63 more words


Team Work and Adaptability

To improve a work team you need to improve the individuals on the team.  Since you are in control only of yourself, developing a better team would begin with you. 358 more words

Manager Topics

Creativity Sundays - Make time!

Do you make time to be creative?

Often times we get caught up in our lives. We can begin to run on auto-pilot. This can lead to not having enough time to really relax and get creative. 117 more words


Be Creative.

The reason I write is because I’m always striving to, Be Creative.

From a very young age I’ve been creative, without even realising. When I was younger I used to make football stadiums out of shoeboxes inc. 317 more words