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Why Art and Music Can Really Help Your Writing

As writers, we are all sympathetic and supportive of our fellow artists. We praise those that showcase their newly painted canvas. We applaud those that show off the new skills they learned on their instrument. 466 more words

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Listen Closely

I was in Puerto Rico for a few days last week (hence my absence), and I love traveling, because it’s just a colorful mess of new sounds and sights. 201 more words

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Adults and coloring

As some of you may remember this past week I took my granddaughter to an event the library was holding.  We had a lot of  fun and met many people (fun in and of itself) but while we were there I picked up a flyer for an Adult coloring hour they are holding on the 11th of August.   51 more words

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Choose To Fight or To Understand

Memorable outcomes of my fights to be right serve a purpose when I look at them and ask, “What did you learn?” It’s so easy to rush to battle, and so admirable to watch people who first seek to understand and then to be understood (Melanie Trump said that…no she didn’t, Steven Covey did in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). 164 more words

Blink - Blink Case

Hola! Suka yang blink – blink dan pengen punya case blink – blink ala gaya kekinian tapi kalau beli harganya mahal? Gak perlu galau girls, kali ini gw bakal share tutorial cara buat blink – blik case yang pastinya itu buatan kalian sendiri dan sesuai dengan kreasi kalian. 95 more words
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Whipped Body Butter

Hola, guys!

I believe most of you like to use body butter, right? But, do you know what is body butter? Body butter is one of the effective moisturizing cream. 236 more words

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