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The Sun Rose

via Photo Challenge: Evanescent

The sun rose

like a flower in spring

traveling across the sky

it’s petals opening wide

shining down on us

a full bloom… 18 more words

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Wisdom and Growth

wisdom blooms on

blossoms of growth by

thoughts learned

and voices heard

carefully planted ideas

by Karen Smith

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Summer Reading Program

Maegan had wanted to do the summer reading program this year with the main library here in Alexandria LA.  So yesterday we went to the internet and signed up.  177 more words

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Stuck In the Middle With You

I started off my day with this song on my tongue and as I was wondering why I could not help but think how lucky I am to be stuck in the middle with you.  68 more words

Adrift Upon the Stormy Sea

via Daily Prompt: Adrift

Adrift upon the stormy sea

tossed and turned

a slave to waves

battered tore and tattered

violent light surrounds

a longing for solid ground… 24 more words

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Unmoored The Ship Will Sail

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored

Unmoored the ship will sail

to places unknown

stories untold

sights unseen

unmoored it is free to journey

on the high seas… 34 more words

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An Artist

I have always been drawn to art.  In school it was one of my favorite classes and my comfort zone.  Even in college I took art not as a major but as electives.  64 more words

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