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Why Every Chronically Late Person Should Really Try To Stop Being Late...Like Now

My friend and I were talking recently about our time management skills, and I joked that his perpetual lateness is gong to be the death of me. 925 more words

Bad Habits That Can Cost You Your Job

Everyone has bad habits, and many of us aware of them. While bad habits such as checking your messages at the dinner table or skipping breakfast may be harmless, bad behavior at the workplace can cause conflict and hurt your career. 315 more words

Work Environment

How to Fast-Track Your Career

The Millennials have a reputation of being impatient and wanting to climb the corporate ladder quickly. While being smart and working hard are great attributes, they are not enough to get you to the top. 292 more words

Finding A Job

How to Succeed In Your First Job After College

All that hard work has paid off. You finally have a job lined up! Congratulations!

But before you embark on your new career, you might want to take a moment to ask yourself whether you’re ready to fill in that position and be seen as a valuable employee. 256 more words

Getting Hired

Things You Should Do To Get Hired Fast

As a job seeker, you have probably heard or read a few tips on how to impress an employer or a hiring manager – dressing appropriately, coming on time, good eye contact, firm handshake and the list goes on. 325 more words

Finding A Job

The Student I See My Old Self In

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now. In part I haven’t because I’ve been so busy – school, NaNoWriMo, all my various activities and hobbies – and in part because it paints me in a negative light. 934 more words

College Experience

How to Start Being on Time

In September of last year, I landed a new job. It had great benefits, great pay, and was convenient to commute to. The catch? I’d be starting work at 5am daily. 744 more words

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