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Be Positive

Some people are afraid to hope because they have been hurt so much in life. They have so many disappointments, they don’t think they can face the pain of another one. 308 more words

Motivated And Free

“Wow, She Looks Really-“ No. Stop Right There.

You can be your own worst enemy. No, not because you still drunk dial your ex every Saturday night. Not because you see that pile of dirty knickers piling up in the corner of your bedroom every morning and still can’t be arsed to put them in the wash (you can always buy new ones from Primark, anyway).  352 more words



💄W A T E R💄⠀

• “Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the water set your soul free.” ~Christy Ann Martine • #TVphotothemes #TVwater #villainettesandwater #ParisVillainettes #FranceVillainettes #EuropeVillainettes 💄 #VillainetteProspectHopeful #TheVillainettesSaluteYou 💄🍻🎩🔪💄 #THΣVILLΛΙИΣTTΣS #LoyaltyHonorRespect #villainettesforlife #TheVillainettes #beardedvillains @thevillainettes @beardedvillains FOUNDER @mrs.bearded_and_fit AMBASSADORS @angeliclysweet @bur_rabbit #superscoutstack


Positive Reminder

Long time no see… Haha. I’ve successfully managed to not stick to my goal of posting three times per week of the second week of blogging. 945 more words

You have choices

My air conditioning has been working marginally, if at all, for two months. During a summer with a record number of days over 90 degrees, many over 100. 632 more words

Thoughts About Life

Mountain Hiking - Good for My Soul

‘He put an arm around me and we looked out, feeling the mystifying affinity with the universe that mountain trails can bring.

“When we get back home and life gets busy again, we have to stop and remember how we feel right at this moment.”‘ – … 93 more words

Beauty addicted

Yes yes yes … I know that I’m a bit addicted to beauty products. But really all types! I love make-up. I must admit that my beauty case cannot close anymore. 43 more words