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What doors of your own need opening?

I became fascinated with the doors in Jerusalem during my recent pilgrimage. As you wander around the city, whether on a tour like ours or on your own, if you keep your eyes open, you’ll start to notice the unique aspects of the doors. 663 more words

Thoughts About Life

Greed is good

We know that everyone in this world have greed at some point.
Greed is good if it keeps you growing and helps you at some stage. 35 more words


Time and value

Value the time,

And time will value you.


Believing In The Blog!

Ever have doubt you can’t do something?

OF COURSE YOU HAVE! Everyone has. That’s just human nature! And guess what, we’re all human!!

I’ve been wanting to blog for a while now. 179 more words

Quotes To Inspire You To Be Much Stronger Than Your Pain

Don’t let your dark past reign in your present. That darkness reigned in a specific time frame which passed and didn’t succeed there and should not in the present, as well. 466 more words

Be Positive

Loving others

I’ve just returned from a pilgrimage in Israel. And while I’m sure that my “soul moments”and insights from the trip will trickle out for awhile, What’s on my mind today is our “rest day” side trip to Petra. 729 more words

Thoughts About Life

Sorry, I'm not sorry for who I am

Do you ever hate it when people expect way more than you can afford, although you have done your best? As if it’s not even enough to make you feel bad about yourself, they even say it. 284 more words