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The beats well listen for yourself…  and hey this song is dedicated to you guys sorry am not blogging daily no more!

kwinoja xoxo


सब कुछ मुझमे है

Its a bless to be born as a human being. We have a power to do anything “just need to realize the same”.

खज़ाना है मुझमे,
बस एहसास करने की देरी है,
खोज पाई जो उसको,
तो अंत में जीत मेरी है.

शेतान है मुझमे,
बस उसे समझने की देरी है।
ना मार पाई जो उसको,
तो उसके हाथो लिखी फिर हार मेरी है।

भक्ति है मुझमे,
बस करने की देरी है.
जो ना ढूंढ पाई हर जीव में ईश्वर,
तो इसमें गलती सिर्फ मेरी है।

Prerna Mehrotra

Hindi Poem

Change your words, Change your world

You can always tell the level of insight someone has into how much power their words carry by listening to them speak about themselves and what they believe the future holds for them. 574 more words

San Diego Life Coach Erik Frederickson

Waktu Kosong Untuk Cinta

“Eh Aku mau sharing sama kalian berdua… tentang hubungan aku dan Abang dulu.  Semoga dengan cerita, kalian bisa berubah…” kira-kira gitu lah awal pembukaan sharing session… 481 more words

Ratih Afrianika

Be Mindful

It’s been a week since I kicked off the Mindful 21 challenge and I’m honored by the response. Today’s theme is Be Mindful. Today I am reflecting on how each day has made me look at situations differently, more consciously, and I’ve often shifted my mindset. 341 more words


Spread Happiness (;

Thousand of candles can be lighted from a single Candle,
. . .and the life of the candle will not be shortened
Happiness never decreases by BEING SHARED!

Be Positive