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'You Need to Stay Positive'

In my Phrases I Wish People Wouldn’t Say post, I wrote about how I don’t need a pep talk or a ‘you must stay positive’ speech, but that was a blog post for another day. 996 more words


Day 15 & 16 - If your room's a mess, your life's a mess.

‘If your room’s a mess, your life’s a mess’. One of my friends said that to me a few years ago, and I always remember it – it’s so true! 145 more words


Allow life to treat you magnificently well! 

See the world through the eyes of a joyful little baby. There is magic everywhere and so much to be enjoyed!

Make the best of everything and choose to deliberately look for and talk about the good-feeling aspects. 27 more words

How To Allow

How I Stay Positive and Happy

Let’s get real for a minute here. It’s really amazing how quickly our lives can become kind of bland and very routine like. We often wait too long for that once a year vacation or time off work and it really isn’t enough. 596 more words


Introduction to me as a deaf person

Well, if you’re going to get to read my blogs and have an understanding of my quirky humour and views in life, you may as well have a history of my deafness and why it made me who I am now. 1,620 more words

Even if there are a hundred things going really wrong in your life

Even if there are lots of things going wrong in your life right now, use your focus deliberately and speak only of the things that feel good to you. 133 more words

How To Allow

Late Night Thoughts From My iPad - Part I

It’s hard to face your mistakes. It’s even harder to own them. That’s not something our society teaches, far from it. There is a constant blame game where no one wins. 684 more words

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