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KDrama Review: Be Positive + Momo Salon

KDrama review web drama edition! Since 2017, I’ve been into web dramas. They’re usually short and sweet, with the occasional WTFs thrown in between. And sometimes, you watch two consecutive ones that are all about PPL (product placement). 546 more words


Journal: 16 January 2018

Today was hell. At work, an important deadline was moved 2 days back and we worked no stop till 9PM. I was able to merely show up at my evening Graphic Design class that ends at 10PM. 460 more words


Save What We Love

Speak out against what is wrong speak up for what is right! Stop the hate! Put more energy into saving what we love than fighting what we hate! 460 more words


Keep Smiling

Even though I don’t always feel like it, I try to smile at as many people as I can throughout the course of my day. … 164 more words


Positive vocabulary

Change your vocabulary and you will change the way you think!

Self-improvement is our greatest opportunity in life. We’re all on a journey and our choice to grow and better ourselves is one we have the chance to make each day. 85 more words

Positive Words

Thoughts: 14 January 2018

What did I reflect upon today that can help me feel prouder of myself?

  • Taking my time doesn’t mean postponing. It’s fool to believe I can do everything when the need rises.
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The show must go on

The words on the front of the memorabilia shirt I got from the Celine Dion concert we went to a couple weeks ago. In a way, those words are a good catch phrase for my life. 636 more words

Thoughts About Life