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we have the solutions of our every problem please listen to your inner voice.

ख़ामोशी खुदसे बोलती है,
शांत वातावरण में वो सारे राज़ खोलती है.
जिसे दुनिया के शोर में,
इंसान सुन नहीं पाता।
फिर इसी गलती का भार उसे जीवन भर तड़पाता।

Prerna Mehrotra


See the gifts that are placed in life for you. 

Today there are gifts everywhere. They were all set up for you. Around. Some are near by, some are far. But they are all there and will appear as you live your day. 85 more words

Life Is Half Full

We Always Have A Choice 

This little board is on my kitchen wall. It got me thinking about how we always have a choice.

After ten years of back pain and one year finally free of it (exercise, attitude re-vamp, diet change) I’ve just had a few days of it again – excruciating. 193 more words

Change Of Attitude