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This is YOUR Life - Disciplines

YOU are in control. – All of these obstacles and hardships are trying to get in your way. Do not let these problems impact your life in a negative way. 981 more words


Black Panther Reaction: Never Beg Wakanda for Anything

I used to think an Africans disdain for African-Americans were solely based on our socio-economic condition in a place of dreams—until I went to college. It was freshman year and a few of us African Americans walked into the African Student Alliance meeting and were met with a stare. 1,651 more words


6 Tips To Have a Productive Day!

I have found 6 tips that I try to do to make sure I have a productive day! I wanted to share with you guys what they are! 814 more words

Becoming Tara

Dig deep

I found these insights when I examined the gospel of John chapter one. I am convinced that if you apply them correctly, your life will begin to take a more positive shape in your daily interactions with people and challenge your thought process. 303 more words


Why you need a 'done' list more than a to-do list

Isn’t life busy for everyone these days?

Less physical work, but a higher mental load

In addition to working a paid job or staying at home to care for children, there are myriad small tasks to be carried out. 668 more words


Looking back...

Its almost the end of Year, a looong year!

I am looking back to this 2017, to see what all it has given to me. 564 more words


7 Best Productivity Apps Every GirlBoss Should Have - How to Increase Productivity

I’ve compiled a list of my top seven favorite apps for staying motivated. These apps allow me to keep track of my goals and start my days off on the right track. 543 more words