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How to Start a Productive Morning When You Work from Home

Good morning, you.

It’s bright and early on a Tuesday morning, and I’m sitting in my office with – you guessed it – yet another cup of tea and a  802 more words


Getting Things Done At Home

“So, you are a homemaker, huh? Say, what do you do all day long?” Have you ever heard these questions before?

For the homemaker it must be  356 more words

Christian Life

How to Improve Your Productivity by Daydreaming

For all professionals who thrive on uniqueness and idiosyncrasies, there is a common wish: more time. Although everyone has 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, achieving full productivity remains a golden rule for business success and it is not surprising to see that the very topic of Productivity on LinkedIn now has more than 5 million followers. 855 more words


What's your excuse?

What is your excuse?

No time?

You have time to browse through the useless WhatsApp forwards?

You have time to look through those cine gossips in the daily magazines? 284 more words

Be Productive


Everyone have bad habits , I also have, but sometime it takes time to realise that those are bad habits and we need to stop doing them. 232 more words

It does not pay to Gossip

Most of us spend a large portion of our day talking about one thing or another. Even if we leave aside the talking we do , in connection with our job, responsibilities etc, you will find that we still do a great deal of talking, what percentage of all words are necessary, or more to the point, how much of that thinking is of value, and how much is gossip? 135 more words


Make 'em feel loved – How to bake a cake from butter, sugar and flour...

A few days after coming home from the grocery store my younger son, Kyler, said “I feel so loved when I see cranberry juice in the refrigerator.” 716 more words