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The "A Day In My Life"

It’s Monday, 8:37 AM, and I have to get up to get some breakfast and start my typical kind of day. But my bed is feeling a little bit comfy and I don’t want to leave it yet, so I decided to stay a little longer. 836 more words


Graduation Inspiration

Every Spring, I manage to get invited to a graduation of some young wide eyed student. I love these events because it is a big deal to accomplish finishing any level of school. 494 more words


Summertime Madness

I love to be productive. So I like to have a number of things to do every day. Maybe this is because I feel that life should not be wasted away (don’t get me wrong though! 208 more words


My B**** Face Rests So Peacefully

I’m a happy lady; always optimistic and ready to laugh. Unfortunately, I get approached about my Resting Bitch Face, RBF.  Yes, I am blunt at times, but I’m not cruel. 373 more words


Welcome to Time and Money Pro!

Are you:

  • An independent contractor?
  • A small business owner?
  • An entrepreneur?
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If so, this blog is for you! We will cover topics to help you: 44 more words

Be Productive

Thinking and being

It is not often, but sometimes, I get a chance to be quiet and still in between meeting people. It may be on a tube train or in a coffee shop. 219 more words


Overcoming The Creative Saboteur

In my last blog post I wrote about the reason why it is not the most clever strategy to wait until you are inspired in order to start working and how to avoid a creative block. 541 more words

Life As An Artist