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It does not pay to Gossip

Most of us spend a large portion of our day talking about one thing or another. Even if we leave aside the talking we do , in connection with our job, responsibilities etc, you will find that we still do a great deal of talking, what percentage of all words are necessary, or more to the point, how much of that thinking is of value, and how much is gossip? 135 more words


Make 'em feel loved – How to bake a cake from butter, sugar and flour...

A few days after coming home from the grocery store my younger son, Kyler, said “I feel so loved when I see cranberry juice in the refrigerator.” 716 more words


No procrastination today, please! ~ Без прокрастинација денес, те молам!

Summer’s definitely on it’s way. It’s already 28 celsius degrees. It’s tuesday morning, I’m seating in my living room in my comfy blue bottom pyjama and my old black “deathbat” t-shirt. 231 more words

How to Be More Productive.

I struggle with productivity every. single. day. It’s so easy to procrastinate and leave things to the last minute, but doing this can leave you feeling incredibly unfulfilled with yourself and your life. 1,730 more words

Logo Design

Throughout the creation of my interactive ‘Be Productive’ a brand and more specifically a logo are important aspects to be considered. The overall look and feel are what represent the interactive and the content, they draw in the target audience and communicate the tone of voice and atmosphere. 227 more words


A-B-C- Affirmations

Last Father’s Day, my family and I were riding in our vehicle. We stumbled upon something we now call A-B-C Affirmations.

It started because the kid’s dad is great at sharing words of affirmation. 446 more words