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Look For The Small Successes

I recently had a conversation with an office manager who really seemed to be struggling with the “Glass-half-empty” syndrome.  I know that we all can struggle with this from time-to-time, but this manager really had a bad case of it. 257 more words

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A Top Ten List for a Better Life!

  1. If I am what I eat, I want to be made up of good things. Eating healthier foods and beverages will give energy and help with weight management.
  2. 435 more words
Increasing Enjoyment

The 4-step plan to make your day more efficient

Remember free time? You used to have so much of it. But these days, work and family obligations have you running around constantly and you don’t know what to do first. 507 more words

How To Start

And we're walking...

My dear friend Tracy had a fabulous 50th birthday party in October. She is a sweetheart and looks great.  I’m sure few people would guess that she was born in 1965. 238 more words

Be Productive

Want to Get Stuff Done? Do Stuff Around Other People

Source: Want to Get Stuff Done? Do Stuff Around Other People. | Big Think

I’m a freelance writer. Often when I tell people about what I do, I hear the Greek chorus: “What a luxury! 286 more words


Titus 3, Reading Through the NT 2015

Finish the book of Titus today by reading chapter 3.

Lessons on how to live in this world as a Christian were part of all Paul’s letters. 440 more words