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Want to Be More Productive? Go On Vacation

In honor of our trip to Florida to visit family, let’s talk about being productive in an unconventional way. Everything we do is connected to everything else we do. 462 more words


Tip Tuesday - Have a Healthy Weekend

In all of my groups and team pages, the common struggle is the weekend. For many of us, the work week is so structured that it’s easy to stay on track (or at least easier!), but weekends are less structured, and if you are like me, that’s when it all unravels. 35 more words


Want to Be More Productive? Remove This From Your Morning Routine

Do you realize how much time is spent shaving? If you spend 5 minutes a day shaving, that adds up to over 30 minutes a week. 359 more words


Want to Be More Productive? Then for Goodness' Sake, Stop Doing This!

What I’m about to elaborate on is not new. This piece of information is not at all complicated either. But for some (highly frustrating) reason or another, it seems the majority of today’s workforce blatantly disregards it. 465 more words


Want to Be More Productive? Do This Throughout Your Day

Part of mastering productivity is mastering time management. What are you doing when? The other part of mastering productivity is analyzing how time spent doing X affects you. 613 more words


Want to Be More Productive? End Your Work Day With This Task

There’s this thing called the Zeigarnik Effect. You’re familiar with it. It’s the psychological phenomenon wherein we feel anxious about leaving something unfinished, such as tasks or goals. 320 more words