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Entry 6, The Diary Series

It would be real nice if everyone in my life would just shut the fuck up for a few hours. It would be so helpful. It would mean so much to me.

Your "pie hole"

I can’t help it. I have some “down home country roots”, and I have been known to call the mouth a “pie hole”.  And if mama got upset with the way you we were talking, or I was arguing with my siblings, she may say, “close that pie hole.”  Jokingly I even kid around with my own young children and instead of saying, “shut up”, which we don’t really like that phrase, I rather say, with some humorous intent, “shut your pie hole.”  The kids would usually quiet down and then chuckle. 299 more words

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Be Quiet!

Are you quiet? Or are you one to talk a lot?

There have been countless times I gained friendships because I took the time to listen to a person in a conversation instead of trying to impress them. 138 more words