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Listening for the Voice of God

Many years ago, my prayer life consisted of reciting a vast array of traditional Catholic prayers. I prayed the Rosary, prayed the Liturgy of the Hours, read a Scripture devotional, and even recited a Chaplet of Divine Mercy once in a while. 237 more words


I Don't Need This

Have someone ever made you so mad and before you knew it, you said; I don’t need this? I don’t need this job. I don’t need this drama, and I really don’t need you. 276 more words

Aerocool DS-120mm Blue


Aerocool is one of those underdog companies that you think about when browsing for products on a retailer store and then proceed to go ahead and buy the popular choice components anyway because your friend did so. 1,553 more words


Can You Stop Talking

I sit here trying to focus on my job, which is impossible because you will not stop talking about utter bullshit! I don’t believe half of what you say, with the stories that no-one could ever think are real. 300 more words

Cougar Vortex PWM CF-V12HPB 120mm fan


If you have not heard of Cougar (well, in the PC DIY context anyway), then I don’t necessarily blame you. This is another company  I feel is vastly underrated, especially from the “bang for your buck” they provide. 1,457 more words


be quiet! Silent Wings 2 120mm fan


Be quiet! Ok, now that that’s behind us, let’s get to a more serious business. The company “be quiet!” has been around for about 7 years now maintaining a silent profile (get it? 1,264 more words